Occupy San Diego Shut Down, Dozens of Arrests Including Legal Observer and Vets

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UPDATE: At a press conference on Friday morning, Assistant Police Chief Boyd Long said the number number of arrests was about 50.

While most people were keeping an eye on Occupys in Oakland and Nashville, between 1:45am and 2am Friday  the San Diego Police Department in riot gear descended on both Occupy San Diego encampments, Civic Center and Children’s Park. According to Occupiers, SDPD Assistant Chief Boyd Long had told them they could remain in Children’s Park as long as no tents were erected, and Occupiers had complied.

At Civic Center Plaza, many Occupiers sat down and chanted, singing protest songs and loudly telling the police they they too are the 99%. Despite this, there were between 20 and  44 arrests, including the media team, ex-military and a legal observer, and several protestors were struck and/or thrown to the ground. 

Occupy SD’s Facebook page says

There were several people beaten by the police today as well as over a dozen arrested at Occupy SD. Chief of Police Landsdowne was seen laughing and smirking behind a line of 300 cops with batons while occupiers were being beaten assaulted by the police on his direct order. Please call the Mayor and Chief of Police Landsdowne and tell them that infringing on people’s freedom of speech and assembly by beating and assaulting peaceful protesters is inhumane. San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders: (619) 236-6330 and SDPD Chief William Lansdowne (619) 531-2777

All personal items and donated food and medical supplies were confiscated, and barricades were installed at Civic Center Plaza. Police said that Occupiers could return, but without belongings.

Side note, the NBC video above shows some very, shall we say, husky cops. In addition to registering displeasure with the SDPD’s actions, residents might also wish to call for physical evaluations including giving them the stamina tests cadets must pass before joining the force, since some of those guys look plainly out of shape.

Watch live streaming video from occupysandiegolivefeed at livestream.com

photos: screen shots from NBC7

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Lisa Derrick | Friday October 28, 2011 04:33 pm 1

Official San Diego ACLU Response on the Occupation and last night’s police raid:

“I spoke with Police Chief William Lansdowne this morning to express my concern over the arrest of the Occupy San Diego protesters who will be in jail for three to four nights unless they can afford to post bail. I urged the chief to drop the charges, release the protesters, and find an alternative space and way to accommodate overnight protest activity. Historically, the San Diego Police Department has managed protest activity exceedingly well with a focus on accommodation of speech in the broader public interest.

Overnight presence is fundamental to the political message of the Occupy San Diego movement. The Police and City officials should find a way to accommodate this expression and impose only those restrictions necessary to ensure that other public and civic activity can proceed unimpeded. This might mean finding an alternative location. For the future, the City should develop rules and a system for accommodating other overnight activities with a political purpose, which would include reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions.”

Lisa Derrick | Friday October 28, 2011 05:16 pm 2

The Occupy SD livefeed (http://www.livestream.com/occupysandiegolivefeed) has additional archived videos of the raid, very powerful

Lisa Derrick | Friday October 28, 2011 08:40 pm 3

Occupy San Diego

OFFICIAL UPDATE: The union workers have arrived and we are having an excellent discussion/free speech offering right now at the Civic Center. Please join us!

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