Late Night FDL: Dumb and Dangerous Patrol

I just got back from watching a taping of two episodes for Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers and I think Dr Drew needs to have Andrew Breitbart and John Hagee on to get some hugs. And not from Rick Perry.

Learning about witchcraft from Harry Potter!? Well, frankly I’d rather kids learn about witchcraft the old fashioned way, from witches! Or at least from a book by a real witch. And Breitbart, who I used to know socially -he co-wrote a book with one of my housemates circa 2000- seems to be moving in the direction of the same sort of paranoid buffoonery that so defined Glenn Beck’s tenure on Fox.

Please Dr. Drew, take them on and teach them open-mindedness, compassion and forgiveness! Or at least give them a fashion makeover!



Emmys: FOX Cut Alec Baldwin Phone Hack Gag, Actor Reacts


For the Emmy’s opening number, Fox News trimmed a skit featutring Alec Baldwin playing a  television executive because the bit referenced Rupert Murdoch and the NewCorp hacking scandal. The joke was pre-approved by producers. Baldwin then removed himself from the skit itself–Leonard Nimoy replaced him– when the joke was snipped, writing today:

A couple of days later, I was informed that the producers had been told by some Fox entity that the joke had to be cut. I then asked that the entire piece be omitted, as I felt the joke was, perhaps, the funniest thing in it.

Baldwin was not at the awards ceremony; he had commited to hosting  a benefit  in New York to  honor Tony Bennett’s on the singer’s 85th birthday.

Leonard Nimoy replaced Baldwin in the censored piece, which omitted the television executive asking if Rupert Murdoch was listening to the call.  A Fox spokesperson told

they said they made the decision not because the joke involved Murdoch but because they take the phone-hacking allegations very seriously and did not want to be seen as making light of them.

Baldwin tweeted Sunday:

If I were enmeshed in a scandal where I hacked phones of families of innocent crime victims purely 4 profit, I’d want that 2 go away, 2.

In his Huffington Post piece, Baldwin had even stronger words for Fox and its parent News Corp

I suppose I am accustomed to a different experience, having worked on 30 Rock for so long, where we have been given the license to skewer the General Electric corporate culture without interference from GE. GE was nothing but gracious and even appreciative of the jokes.

However, in some sense, I understand News Corps.’ reluctance to include that joke. If I were accused of illegally hacking into the private phone messages of the families of innocent crime victims and doing so purely for profit, I would be eager for that scandal to go away, too.

There have been rumblings of Alec Baldwin running for Mayor of New York City, or possibly  for  Senate seat. Here’s his impression of Congress, based on having testified before both the House and Senate:

OpBART 6: Peaceful, No Arrests

While some in the media may report that Anonymous wasn’t at OpBART since none of the protesters–except for a pair of Anons at Powell Street Station–were  wearing masks, the merry band of shadowy internet hacktivists were very much present, paying for tickets and riding BART trains back and forth under the San Francisco Bay, passing out fliers to fellow commuters and tweeting their locations.

Anonymous is an idea; the masks are not necessary. Sometimes the best anonymity is in plain site.

Unlike previous protests, there were no arrests and BART did not close any stations. Instead, protesters posed for photos with BART police and quietly spoke with other riders. The Department of Homeland Security was there, since that’s what they do.  BART police told protesters not to block train doors and to stand behind the yellow line while waiting for trains. Quite a difference form the previous weeks, which saw journalists and students arrested.  Hundreds of fliers were distributed, though as one Tweeter remarked:

#opbart trivia: fliering on bart was named by mehserle defense as reason to move murder trial out of oakland

The San Francisco Chronicle’s Vivian Ho tweeted:

Commuter arguing with Krystof: “There are some crazy people out there that deserve to be shot.”

Krystof is the driving force behind No Justice No BART.

Anonymous has vowed the OpBART protests will continue. BART’s new General Manager, Grace Curnican says she’s willing to talk to protesters about BART. Today’s non-action by BART police may be in response to Curnican’s openness. Sadly BART’s website doesn’t have a way to contact the new GM directly, but you can email BART here.

Anonymous would like to visit Ms. Curnican. As always:

Expect us



OpBART 6: Anonymous Protesters Will Take to the Trains, New GM Willing to Talk

OpBART 6 is gearing up to start in under an hour, with protesters saying they’ll pay the fee and board the trains. Meanwhile, BART’s new General Manager Grace Crunican, told SFGate:

I am open to meeting with anybody who wants to meet with me – protesters included.

While No Justice No BART has a spokesperson, Krystoph, Anonymous is far more difficult. A leaderless group–that’s why one of their logos is a suit with question mark in place of head–they don’t have a spokesperson. Granted, individuals who act a/Anonymously during protests could schedule a meeting with Grace Crunican and give their opinion about what should be done, but even within NAonymous there is not a unified plan.
The Anonymous demands, compiled through internet communication and posted on YourAnonNews are:

1. We want the BART PD DISBANDED completely.  BART has no reason to have a police “force” at all, HIRE flashlight security if you please.

2. We still WANT a public apology for the shutting down of the Cell Service.

3. Reopen the investigation to the killing of Charles Hill.

4. Fire Linton Johnson and BART Chief Kenton Rainey.

These are our new demands, and we will protest every MONDAY at 5Pm until our demands are met.  We will not be scared into ceasing our protest.  We will expose everything ion our power to expose everything you do wrong WE are watching.

But there are some Anons who have slightly variant opinions. Some would like the police retrained and armed only with tasers and batons. And retrained. Did we mentioned retrained? So maybe “reorganized” works better than “disband,” since frankly I like feeling safe on public transport, and don’t trust my fellow passengers to do the right thing. But every negotiation needs to start somewhere.

Apologize: Yes, for gods’ sakes, for the Bay Area’s sakes, please apologize. Then act to make changes.

An investigation into the the shooting of Charles Hill is needed.

Firing Linton Johnson is a given. He embarrassed the agency  by shutting off cell phone service which is what created these ongoing protests and drew global attention to BART’s behavior–including the shooting death of Charles Hill which had stayed a fairly local matter until cellphones went dead; by misrepresenting the Constitution; by trying to stage a fake press conference with shills; and by saying he’d shut off cellphone service again if need be.

Were I to sit down down with Ms. Crunican, firing Linton Johnson is a definite must-be-done. Buh-bye, Linton, you’re a moran.

Firing the BART’s chief of police: See above.

I am hardly anonymous. My name is easy to see. But like every concerned citizen, I’m willing to drop Ms. Curnican an email.




Why Is the Religious Right Upset About Chaz Bono?

The religious right feels the only correct romantic/sexual relationship is between a man and a woman. Chaz Bono is a man in a relationship with a woman. So what exactly is their problem?

Foo Fighters Serenade Westboro Baptist Church


Before their concert at Spring Center in Kansas City, Missouri this weekend, the Foo Fighters donned costumes and jumped aboard a flatbed truck to show the Westboro Baptist Church some love–punk rock style.


Barry Manilow: Can’t Smile Without Ron Paul, but is Candidate a Fanilow?


Barry Manilow, who set the gold standard for pop hits–and wrote the “I am stuck on Band-Aids” jingle– has thrown his support behind Ron Paul. Does this mean that we could be hearing “Copcabana” at Ron Paul-thons?

Late Night FDL: OpBART-5, The Evolving Aerobic Version

I came to San Francisco for OpBART-5 which, given the detention of journalists and students on Thursday, could have gone one of two ways: Very Badly or Okay. It was the latter, except for San Francisco Police Department Officer A. Mora striking a journalist’s camera. Twice. But But San Fransisco State University student Eri Verducoza, who is with the campus publication Golden Gate X-Press, kept his camera rolling and didn’t back down.

Guess Officer Mora missed the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals’ ruling that it’s perfectly okey-dokey to videotape the police.

There must be someone at the SFPD with a sense of humor or at least knows a good photo-op in the making: Officers were staged in front of a donut shop.

There were about thirty protesters tops, only three Anons were present; the rest of the group was No Justice No BART, plus as many media–and at least three SFPD officers for every demonstrator and plenty of BART police in the stations.

Welcome to Anonymous workout program

joked one protester with a bullhorn as we marched from Civic Center Station to the Powell Street Station and back again, repeatedly parading through the free speech areas outside the turnstiles, crossing streets, and weaving around Market and Mission Street. BART police and the SFPD stood back. Everyone is learning:

The protesters stayed off the platforms and the police didn’t arrest them. BART didn’t close the stations and there was no disruption to commuter services.

I do have to say chanting

Fuck the police! Bad cop, no donut! Police! Murders! Killers! Fuckin’ pigs!

while flipping off law enforcement is childish. It accomplishes nothing. However the BART passengers I spoke with all stated that the BART police should not have guns.

The police I spoke with were very nice, and one asked me what I thought of the situation and what could make things better.

The only time it got a little intense was when protesters ended up in front of City Hall with a line of police on the stairs blocking them. After a brief round of yelling at the police, the march turned and strolled down the roadway as an officer pulled up on a golf cart with a megaphone and announced we were an un-permitted protest and to get off the roadway and onto the sidewalk. A very gentlemanly Anon in a suit guided me to safely and kept me out of the police officers’ line. So chivalrous! As we marched back towards the BART station we were were flanked by police, with more rolling up on their minibikes.

There’s another protest scheduled for next week, and Tall Anon told me that they’d be keeping it up until there is change.

What can be done? BART could take side arms off their police, train them in Krav Maga and give them tasers, batons and Mace. BART should also apologize for killing people. And shutting off cellphones.


I Am Confused – Guns and Gordon Ramsey

Why is it okay for the Feds to make some laws which conservatives support that override state laws; but with other federal laws that would trump states rights, the conservatives get all upset?

Right now the House of Representatives is all excited about voting on a bill, H.R. 822, which would force states to honor all concealed gun permits from anywhere here in the US. That’s the federal government interfering with my state’s law, dag burn it! And over 600 mayors from both parties have said


Plus 72% of voters polled across the country are opposed to interference from Washington on standards for carrying concealed weapons. Though that could cut both ways; some might be opposed to Washington placing any standards.

There’s a very big overlap between the “give ‘em their guns, state’s rights be damned” groups, and the folk who don’t want marriage equality on a federal level, because that’s government interference. So why the disconnect?


And in other news, a porn actor’s remains were found in a badger’s nest in Wales. Percy Foster, a 3′ 6″ tall actor known for his work in Hi-Ho Hi-Ho It’s Up the Arse We Go, was all set to launch the next phase of his career as a Gordon Ramsey look-alike in fap films when he met his untimely end as a badger snack.

Of course, it could just be a gag.

Bono, Edge, Usher, Lady Gaga Celebrate Bill Clinton

Superstars Bonon Edge, Lady Gaga and Usher will celebrate president Bill Clinton’s decade of charty work at the Hollywood Bowl on October 15. Proceeds benefit the William J. Clinton Foundation.

The Hollywood Bowl “Decade of Difference” concert will stream live on Yahoo! at 10pm Easter/7pm Pacific for free ,while tickets–ranging from $50 to $250–go on sale Monday September 19. (Yahoo!’s page says Sept 12, but Ticketaster who’s selling them sets the date for next Monday)  Unless you have an American Express card, in which case you can score the billets on Thursday the 15. The prices are very reasonable. There are also special packages ranging from $250,000 to $6,500 which include seats at Clinton’s 65th birthday party the night before. $250,000 gets you golf with Bill.

The William J Clinton Foundation focuses on treating global HIV/AIDS, creating sustainable farming in both Africa and Souht America, combatting climate change and childhood obesity, and creating  job opportunities through a series of initiatives. According to the foundation’s website, since its inception:

9,000 American schools are providing kids with healthy food choices in an effort to eradicate childhood obesity; 4,300 African farmers have imporoved their crops to feed 30,000 people; 14 cities around the world are implementing energy efficiency projects to eliminate 75,000 tons of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere each year; $20 million is being invested in small- and medium-sized businesses in Colombia; and 2.6 million people have benefited from lifesaving HIV/AIDS medications.


photo: creative commons  edenpictures

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