Late Night FDL: Dumb and Dangerous Patrol

I just got back from watching a taping of two episodes for Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers and I think Dr Drew needs to have Andrew Breitbart and John Hagee on to get some hugs. And not from Rick Perry.

Learning about witchcraft from Harry Potter!? Well, frankly I’d rather kids learn about witchcraft the old fashioned way, from witches! Or at least from a book by a real witch. And Breitbart, who I used to know socially -he co-wrote a book with one of my housemates circa 2000- seems to be moving in the direction of the same sort of paranoid buffoonery that so defined Glenn Beck’s tenure on Fox.

Please Dr. Drew, take them on and teach them open-mindedness, compassion and forgiveness! Or at least give them a fashion makeover!



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