God is Annoyed at Rick Perry. His Followers Soon May Be, Too


Nutbag-Christian logic states that when a natural disaster occurs, it’s cuz God is all mad and stuff at those people. Therefore, God must be pretty hot under the collar at Rick Perry and his constituents. Prayer at Easter didn’t work, Jesuspaloozah didn’t work, and the fires have gotten worse.

The only explanation is that God is gay. Gay, but not happy. At least with Perry.

His constituents may not be happy either, because now Gov Perry is saying “FEMA.” And gol durn it, that’s just un-American!

I do hope the wildfires are quickly controlled, because even though the folks of Texas voted for Perry, they shouldn’t have to suffer. Anymore than the people of Haiti, or North Carolina.

One Response to "God is Annoyed at Rick Perry. His Followers Soon May Be, Too"
MauraHennessey | Thursday September 8, 2011 01:13 pm 1

We need to cut the deficit; no money for secessionist Texas. Perry can raffle off stadium seating at executions to pay for wildfire damage; just have his secessionist pal Chuck Norris as the executioner and you could fill an arena down there
(I am frequently thinking that Alfred Zimmerman had a great idea back in 1917 these days, between Brewer and Perry)

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