Mr. Bruce Goes “Freddie for a Day” to Benefit Mercury’s HIV/AIDS Charity

Mr. Bruce is a cat. A cat who loves the band Queen. Freddie Mercury, Queen’s the lead singer loved cats. Today would have been Mercury’s 65th birthday, but sadly he died of AIDS-related complications in 1991. In his memory, friends and family  immediately established the Mercury Phoenix Trust raise to money and awareness about AIDS. Since 1992 the Mercury Phoenix Trust has been responsible for donating more than $15 million in the fight against AIDS  through proceeds and royalties from the 1992 Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert for AIDS Awareness and other fund raising efforts.

Part of the MPT’s fund-raising and awareness comes from Freddie for a Day, where in people–or in this case, Mr. Bruce–dress as Freddie Mercury and ask others to sponsor them. I sponsored Mr. Bruce who already sports a fine moustache à la Mercury in his later years (and fur coat like Mercury’s early stage ensembles). He wouldn’t stand for Mercury’s yellow jacket even if it came in his size, so he decided to interpret Freddie Mercury with a flamboyant magenta ruff acquired while I was out of the house, having left him to his own devices with Burning Man webstreaming live.

In honor of Freddie Mercury, please do your part for HIV/AIDS awareness:

*Participate in Freddie for a Day and ask friends to sponsor you
*Throw an impromptu Freddie for a Day party and take donations for MTP
*Make a donation to a local HIV/AIDS charity: Food an/ord toiltries for a food bank, cash, or time.
*Make a donation an organization that provides global HIV/AIDS assistance
*And today and everyday, practice safer sex–use condoms!


9 Responses to "Mr. Bruce Goes “Freddie for a Day” to Benefit Mercury’s HIV/AIDS Charity"
Teddy Partridge | Monday September 5, 2011 07:44 am 1

You are very lucky this is the worst Mr Bruce came up with, left alone with the Burning Man streaming webcam.

mzchief | Monday September 5, 2011 07:58 am 2
In response to Teddy Partridge @ 1

Mr. Bruce now knows that it’ll take a 3 to 4 hour wait to get out of the city but he did enjoy “If Jesus Drove a Motorhome.”

Denn | Monday September 5, 2011 09:10 am 3

Next time you should leave a hidden tape recorder; you never know if Mr. B might do a mean vocal impersonation.

Lisa Derrick | Monday September 5, 2011 09:39 am 4
In response to Denn @ 3

Bruce quacks like a duck. Once in a while he’ll give a actual cat meow. Hearing Queen makes him roll over on his back and purr.

Denn | Monday September 5, 2011 09:45 am 5
In response to Lisa Derrick @ 4

Yes, but sometimes you have to catch them when they think nobody’s watching. He just might have “Bohemian Rhapsody” down pat.

cbl | Monday September 5, 2011 10:33 am 6
In response to Teddy Partridge @ 1

oh god, has the Man burned ? did I miss it ?

cbl | Monday September 5, 2011 10:40 am 7
In response to cbl @ 6

never mind, just saw Lisa’s link — phew !

go Mr Bruce go !!!

I am celebrating Freddie’s Birthday on Facebook today – I was waaay too cool for arena rock, but Freddie made me go back to the stadium again and again –

truly moving to see the international tributes on the youtube pages

can NOT believe how much I miss him – Bless You Freddie and Bless You Mercury Phoenix Trust

Lisa Derrick | Monday September 5, 2011 01:01 pm 8

CBL, Queen was the first arena rock show I ever went to, with Thin Lizzy opening. My mom had taken me to John Denver when I was 12, but that’s not rock! For Queen I went my with my friends who were old enough to drive! And tickets were a whole $6.50! I used eyelash glue to put glitter on my eyelids (in retrospect a good way to scratch the cornea) and black lipstick and wore a vintage gold and silver lame embroidered cocktail coat over black tights and a leotard, with my hair crimped. Needless to say, I got dressed at my friend’s house!

DonWilliams | Monday September 5, 2011 04:27 pm 9

“In honor of Freddie Mercury, please do your part for HIV/AIDS awareness:”

Great idea. Almost no one I know has ever heard of HIV or AIDS.

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