“Someone” Leaked Lots of Good Hollywood Stuff: Celeb Phone Numbers, Photos, “Rock of Ages” Script

Someone/s  with a Twitter account @HWLeaks and using the Anonymous motto

We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect Us

has leaked a heap load of  stuff  onto various sites, servers and pastebins. The booty includes the script for Rock of Ages starring Tom Cruise

Not as good as the play

sniffed a source who had downloaded the script from one site.

Also leaked, names and numbers of agents, celebs and more. But get ‘em while they’re hot. As one #HWLeaks follower tweeted:

@HWLeaks we need more # leaks. Old #s are dropping quick. Needing the lulz!

Celebrities whose phone numbers have been posted include Ashley Tisdale and David Spade, who have stopped answering their phone and/or changed their numbers quickly.

UPDATE: Keep in mind that Anonymous is an idea, a self-described label. Anyone can do an action and bring back the spoils of hacking under the flag/handle Anonymous. The Anonymous responsible for #OpBART is/are not necessarily composed of the same people who pulled off #OpPayback and/or Chanology.

With enough tinfoil it  is possible to speculate that  @HWLeaks is a false flag designed to discredit the work of some Anonymous in #OpBART and other areas. One video posted on YouTube with an HWLeak tag used the phrase

Jew-controlled media

something incongruous with the WikiLeaks/Chanology/OpBART rhetoric. The voices and graphics on the @HWLeaks videos do not correspond with other Anonymous videos, but then again, anyone can be Anonymous.

However, it is illegal to creepy-crawl into someone’s computer or phone, and to post copyrighted material on line.



2 Responses to "“Someone” Leaked Lots of Good Hollywood Stuff: Celeb Phone Numbers, Photos, “Rock of Ages” Script"
Teddy Partridge | Friday September 2, 2011 05:26 pm 1

I don’t know what Rock of Ages is or why I should care. Are Hollywood scripts that closely guarded? Is Tom Cruise still a person of interest?

Lisa Derrick | Friday September 2, 2011 10:30 pm 2
In response to Teddy Partridge @ 1

Rock of Ages was a hit stage musical about rock n roll in the 80s. It’s been repurposed into a musical movie which stars Tom Cruise and Alec Baldwin; Cruise plays the aging rock star. Most scripts aren’t guarded because they contain spoilers etc and are not released–if at all–until film has been released.

Cruise is knda a big movie star. Also released photos of Ryan Seacrest and his girlfriend who is an actress. Nothing salacious. Seems it may be her phone that was hacked, granted access to her email.

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