Late Night FDL: Ice Cream! Ice Cream! Rick Perry Screams for Ice Cream

Rick Perry makes so much more sense here! If he were gay, Rick Perry –at least this version– would be Rimbaud. Or Allen Ginsberg. Instead in real life, he’s a sweaty-lipped, bad suit wearing, hair-dying, uptight creep.

For those who prefer their videos more literal:


and if you’d like some ice cream, try it Texas style: Fried!

DMCA Abuse on YouTube, Punk Bands Targeted


In recent months there has been a slew of DMCA takedowns on YouTube affecting numerous punk bands.

Apparently SST Records, owned by Greg Ginn, has been utilizing the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to claim copyright infringement on a vast number of videos that utilize brief clips of music from Black Flag, including skateboard videos made by fans. Well, gosh, that’s what copyright holders can do, though it does seem sort of mean.

SST has also claimed multiple copyright takedowns on bands that have nothing to do with SST, including X, Fear, Sin 34, Lower Class Brats, Puzzled Panthers, and the Adolescents. Also affected, videos made by fans under Fair Use, utilizing snippets of  songs.

YouTube user Creamy GoodnessX writes that SST:

have since admitted that they never even viewed the allegedly offending videos before issuing the strikes! Rather, they used automated software in their campaign, in many cases resulting in false DMCA takedowns of videos that were legitimately using copyrighted material under the fair use doctrine. Several users permanently lost their channels (i.e., termination), and others permanently lost special privileges like being able to upload videos longer than 15 minutes.

YouTube provides copyright holders with a Content ID program. YouTube account holders who use the software must submit title lists and audio files, as well as proof of copyright. The program can be used to:

  • Identify user-uploaded videos comprised entirely OR partially of their content, and
  • Choose, in advance, what they want to happen when those videos are found. Make money from them. Get stats on them. Or block them from YouTube altogether.>
  • Reduce Infringement. Educate your fans about your copyright preferences and prevent your content from being distributed on YouTube without your permission.
  • Fully Automated. Once you’re set up, Content ID will identify, claim, and apply policies to YouTube videos for you.

The DMCA takedown of “Democracy” by the Adolescents on Frontier Records, which also handles their publishing via Bug Music, indicated that a company called Love Cat Music had also claimed DMCA rights, along with SST. I wrote to Love Cat, which has only one punk band, Reagan Youth, in its catalog. Owner Randy Frisch replied:

i do not know why LoveCat Music is mentioned here.   Could be a mistake.

we have sent takedown notices with respect to other songs in our
catalog that we do in fact control.

But not this one

Is it possible that YouTube’s Content ID program is faulty and can’t tell punk songs apart? If so, major fail.

So I wrote to SST Record’s owner Greg Ginn and asked him about YouTube. At first he said

I don’t know much about YouTube.

Then I asked about fan videos being posted on YouTube. His response:

I then asked if he enforced copyright. He replied:

At times.


Greg did not write back, and blocked me on Facebook, making it impossible to contact him further. Ginn has been a brutal enforcer of SST’s copyrights, though oddly he showed disdain for U2′s when SST released Negativland’s single U2 (Full disclosure, I worked for a branch of SST Records in the mid-1980s. In 1991 I wrote an analysis of the U2/Negativland controversy for U2′s magazine Propaganda; when that piece was repurposed as a press release, I was paid. I know many former SST Records artists, as well as people affiliated with U2).

When a video is falsely DMCA’ed on YouTube, it is the responsibility of the real copyright owner to prove they are the rightful copyright holder. It can take up to 10 days for the DMCAed video to be restored.  Alerted to the Adolescents’ video takedown, Frontier Records’ owner and founder Lisa Fancher worked with YouTube, sending in the correct forms to restore the video.  Often bands do not know their videos have been taken down, or why, as in the case of Lower Class Brats:

How could they get our videos taken down off of YouTube and why would they do something like this? I am completely baffled…
I look forward to your reply, thanks….

Since it can take over a week to restore a video, DMCA-ing  a video is an effective means of harassment or of silencing speech, as seen during Anonymous’ Project Chanology when videos shot at protests and/or using Fair Use clips of Scientology videos, or the organization’s logos, were DMCA-ed.

If YouTube’s content identifying software is at fault for false DMCAs, then those using it should definitely alert YouTube about the glitches since it looks pretty creepy and bad to take down videos for which you do not own the copyrights. However, if  people are purposefully DMCAing  videos out of spite, and have a long record of false claims, perhaps YouTube should treat them with the same vigorous enforcement they show to copyright abusers.

YouTube’s PR department did not respond to my questions about the accuracy of its Content ID software, however they did say:

Unfortunately, in some cases, individuals abuse our notification process by submitting fraudulent claims.  When we become aware of this, we take action by reinstating the videos and/or accounts affected, and taking appropriate action against the individual responsible.

The PR person followed up to my questions about Content ID being possibly faulty with this:

You can read more about both of these things are our Copyright Center. Thanks!

Which is where I started in the first place.

“Is My Son Gay?” Google Android App: Dumb, Homophobic!

Google  is selling a new app for their Android, a moronic quiz, developed in France and costing 1.99 euros,  which posits the question:

Is My Son Gay?

My response would be:

Que sera sera! So what? Why does it matter? Is he happy?

The idiotic app provides 20 questions that hit multiple (outdated) stereotypes, which have little or nothing to do with being gay. The same questions to could apply to “Is My Son a Hipster?” Piercings mean you’re gay? Mmm, I beg to disagree on that numerous times, with pleasure! has a petition for you to voice your facepalm.jgp, umbrage, and outrage at this stupid waste of  byte space which gives the impression that there’s something wrong, weird, strange, bad about being gay. There’s not, and Android, as  part of the Google family–a supporter of LGBT rights–should reconsider marketing this. I wonder who developed it? That would be interesting to learn…


  • Before he was born, did you wish for a girl?
  • Has he ever been in a fight?
  • Does he read the sports page in the newspaper?
  • Is his best friend a girl?
  • Does he like team sports?
  • Is he modest?
  • Is he a fan of divas (Madonna, Britney Spears)?  [La Figa says: That's a bit last decade!]
  • Does he spend a long time in the bathroom?
  • Does he piercings in his tongue, nose or ears?
  • Do you wonder about your son’s sexual orientation?
  • Are you divorced?
  • Does he like musical comedies?
  • Has he ever introduced you to a girlfriend?
  • Is his father a very authoritarian person?
  • Within your family, is the father absent at all?
  • During his childhood, was he timid or discreet?
  • Does he have a complicated relationship with his father?
  • Does he take a long time to do his hair?
  • Does he like to dress well: is he very careful when choosing his outfits and selecting brands?
  • Does he like football?
  • The app provides two answers:

    Your son is gay, accept it.


    You have nothing to worry about… You have a very good chance of being a grandmother with all the joys that brings.

    News flash: There’s nothing to worry about if you have a gay child. And gay people can provide grandchildren, too.

    HT: Towleroad

    Pair of Rick Perry’s Chick Fans Rap Faint Praises


    Wow, meet a couple of Rick Perry’s fans, Candy Rapper and Double K who are um..not talented. And seem to have some daddy issues about presidential candidate Rick Perry. Here’s sample of of why they think Rick Perry should be president:

    Country boy with big town dreams

    His interns wishing he would make them scream

    A lean mean fighting machine

    He suits are so neat and clean…

    Perry, Perry bitches yo Perry

    Granted, they claim they were bored in downtown and put together the rap in ten minutes. But honestly, it sucks. Planking? Really? Tragic. I kinda hope Perry uses it in his campaign though.


    [HT: Uproxx]

    Lady Gaga at Obama Silicon Valley Fundraiser

    Lady Gaga bought a top-tier ticket and attended an exclusive Silicon Valley fundraiser at the home of Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg on Sunday night. Wearing a black, sleeveless lace gown and with her hair piled up, Lady Gaga was 2 feet taller than everyone including Obama, thanks to her super high heels and substantial up-do. Her outfit included a black veil. In recent days Gaga has been saddened and angered by the suicide of 14 year old fan Jamey Rodemeyer, and her choice of attire suggests mourning.

    Last week Lady Gaga said she would be meeting with POTUS to discuss her concerns about bullying–at one point Gaga tweeted that bullying

    must become illegal


    USA Today reports from pool reporter Carol Lee of The Wall Street Journal:

    POTUS spoke for about 8 minutes, with Lady Gaga sitting front and center. And although he never acknowledged her obvious presence, it seems likely the two crossed paths during greetings inside the house before the dinner.

    ABC reports a slightly different scenario from an anonymous source inside the tent. According to their source, Gaga thanked the President for what he has accomplished, then read what she said was a letter from a fan discussing another of her fans who committed suicide over bullying. After which she

    thanked Obama for hosting his anti-bullying conference with Michelle Obama, and then made a general plea to everyone in the room, including the president, to do what they can to prevent bullying.

    Gaga was spurred to tweet on bullying after Jamey Rodemeyer killed himself over incessant bullying. His final tweet was

    @ladygaga bye mother monster, thank you for all you have done, paws up forever

    and he was buried in a “Born This Way” shirt. Jeremy had made an It Gets Better video in May, but the bullying at Williamsville North High School in Buffalo, N.Y., and online was ceaseless. New York already has an anti-bullying law, the Dignity for All Students Act, passed in 2010.

    The Gay Straight Alliance issued a statement with regards to Gaga’s call for the criminalizing of bullying:

    It’s great that Lady Gaga is bringing national attention to this problem, but now we must focus on real solutions. By writing letters, starting and supporting Gay-Straight Alliances, talking to teachers and administrators and mobilizing our communities, we can push schools to enforce existing non-discrimination policies in a way that doesn’t contribute to an environment of fear and punishment, but rather fosters a culture of safety, inclusion, and respect for all students.

    Ticket cost for the Obama fundraiser was the standard $35,800 per couple/single seat. Gaga apparently came alone.

    Macy’s Glamorama Raises Funds, Awarness While Celebrating Fashion

    Founded by Elizabeth Taylor in response to the HIV/AIDS crisis, Macy’s Glamorama is now in its 29th year, and has raised over $29 million for charities. This year the event, Macy’s Passport Presents Glamorama 2011 – ARTrageous at the Orpheum Theatre, themed around great works of art–fitting for the impending Pacific Standard Time exhibits opening in October that celebrate California art–featured the designs of Tracy Reese, Armani Jeans, Calvin Klein, Kenneth Cole, Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger, Papi, Rachel Rachel Roy and Macy’s own Impulse label, with guest performances by Far East Movement and Cee Lo Green (who sang the radio friendly version of “Forget You”–the original featured a different verb beginning with F!).

    Thevening featured a moving tribute to the event’s founder, the (grande) Dame Elizabeth Taylor, whose grandsons were introduced by Sharon Stone. Elizabeth Taylor’s dedication to helping those with HIV/AIDS was the turning point in HIV/AIDS awareness, and her dedication to the cause lives on. Macy’s Glamorama raised $25,000 for AIDS Project Los Angeles and Project Angel Food.

    In the lobby before the show, the most standout attendees were students who participated in Macy’s HIV awareness program. Many showed their budding style sense with ensembles that reflected the personal styles of Project Runway stars Mondo Guerra and Christian Siriano, while others opted for the a bohemian, 70s inspired glamor: One girl wora a long crocheted dress, while others opted for scarf hemmed skirts.

    The afterparty was fittingly held at the California Market Center where sponsor Patron Tequila poured themed drinks and food stations dished out sliders, brisket and tamales.  Yes, there were cupcakes, too, along with See’s Candy and the much appreciated Don Francisco’s coffee

    It was a really glamorous night, tinged with the sadness of Taylor’s passing, and the awareness that the impact she made for those with HIV/AIDS continues, and  so we must all continue the fight through education and research.

    Sean Penn Played Part in Hikers’ Release from Iran

    Sources close to actor Sean Penn confirmed that the actor played a huge part in the release of hikers Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer from an Iranian prison where they had been held for over two years. The duo, along with friend Sarah Shourd, were captured by Iranian troops and charged with espionage when they got lost hiking along the Iraq-Iran border.

    Penn is close friends with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.  Reuters reported

    Chavez  urged his ally, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, to release the hikers after the South American leader was lobbied by pals in U.S. “intellectual circles.

    Fattal and Bauer were released on $500,000 “bail” each after eight-year sentences were delivered in August, 2011.

    Shourd’s bail was the same, but she did not go to trial and was released in 2010 on humanitarian grounds.

    photo: screen shot, Sean Penn on Charlie Rose

    Bristol Palin: Is It Because You’re Homosexual You Hate My Mom?


    Look, I dislike Sarah Palin for a vast number of reasons. But if you are gonna heckle Bristol Palin in bar, be prepared to answer questions as to why you hate Mama Grizzly bear. Bristol was riding a mechanical bull for scene in her upcoming reality show when a hostile shout-out occurred. It wasn’t very nice, by any stretch of the imagination.

    Miss Bris went right over to the man to confront him, asking:

    Is it because you’re a homosexual and that’s why you hate her?

    The angry guy responded:

    Pretty much … and why’d you say I’m a homosexual?

    Bristol replied:

    Because I can tell you are.

    He swears a lot, calls Sarah a liar and a whore, and Bristol stays calms the whole time, asking for examples. She is one cool cucumber.

    But Bristol, there are lot of straight people who don’t care for your mother.  Next time you might ask that question to someone who isn’t gay, and doesn’t care for your inference. Because sadly there plenty of those in LA, too.

    The whole ugly incident–and I don’t just mean Bristol’s sweatshirt–was captured on video.

    Would You Have Sex with Rick Perry for $1 Million Dollars?

    Or rather, did you have sex with Rick Perry? For free or for compensation?  Did you play with Perry’s pecker in the hopes that one day he’d make it big and you’d hit the jackpot? Hope you saved some spooge! If so, your poignant recollection of Rick’s randiness is now worth $ 1 million.

    Maybe at the time you weren’t thinking of doing it for the money.  Maybe you like man-tan and pancake hair. But now that you’ve done the deed–and can prove it–Larry Flynt will pay you up to $1 million for your tale of Texan titillation. Granted tax will come out of that, but think of it as economic stimulus for your past stimulation. You could just ask Larry Flynt to donate the money to various charities, maybe ones in Texas–say for LGBT youth, the homeless and of course death penalty appeals.

    This isn’t Flynt’s first time stirring the kettle of sexual incrimination. And he isn’t flying solo in his quest to discover Perry’s peripheral pokings. Last month Ron Paul  ran an ad looking for anyone who may have rendez-voused with Rick.

    One thing is clear: There’s liquid gold in Texan teabagging.



    photo: screen shot, Written on the Wind (Douglas Sirk, dir. 1956)

    Chaz Moves on in DWTS, Tells Fox No Interviews

    Last night Chaz Bono, who heated up the dance floor with a cha-cha on Monday’s season opener of Dancing With The Stars, made it through the first elimination, and will dance again next week.

    While Chaz’s victory–and the repeal of DADT–sent a strong message to LGBTphobes, Chaz’s reaction to Fox News was especially cheer-worthy.  Fox News had published transphobic frother Dr. Keith Ablow’s rant urging parents to boycott DWTS advising

    parents to not allow their children to watch the episodes in which Chaz appears.

    On last Saturday’s Creative Arts Emmy red carpet, Fox wanted an interview with Chaz.  Chaz’s media adviser Howard Bragman relates:

    When Chaz was on the red carpet at the Emmys last Saturday Fox asked for an interview. I said that since a Fox person [Dr. Ablow] recommended boycotting Chaz, we are boycotting Fox.


    photo: screen shot, DWTS

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