Late Night FDL: Sing Along as We Rearrange the Titanic’s Deck Chairs




Well gosh:

The president of Standard & Poor’s, Deven Sharma, is stepping down, just a few weeks after the ratings firm issued a controversial downgrade of U.S. government debt, the Financial Times reported.

I kinda feel like we–America, the people–are getting shafted, with sand in the Vaseline.

Speaking of sand and petroleum, does the Back East Earthquake mean Mother Nature wants Obama to quash the Tar Sands pipeline? Given that DOMA hasn’t been repealed yet, it’s not like Talibangelicals can claim it’s because the Administration loves teh gheys.


Split Rated” from VERSUSPLUS:, with Merle Hazard (“H.E.D.G.E.”; “Double Dippin’”) and Curtis Threadneedle (“Quantitative Easin’”) and Marcy Shaffer.

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