Late Night FDL: Rejoice! Chaz Bono on Dancing with the Stars

Chaz Bono will appear on the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars, which is super cool. What’s not cool are some of the comments at’s page announcing Season 13: Narrow minded folks are all het up over Chaz having undergone gender transition, and they are going on about the “gay agenda.” Oh puhleeeze. Chaz is a man and he dates women. That means he’s straight. Even if he dated men, like really do these ignorami think some of the male dancers on DWTS are 100% straight? And why the funk and fandango for this show–or anywhere else– does it matter what a person’s sexual preference is?

Frankly I am curious how Nancy Grace is gonna do. Isn’t she really short? Or LA Laker forward Ron Artest, who is 6’7″. Or David Arquette who is goofy as all heck. Also really cool casting, JR Martinez, a former US Army Humvee driver in Iraq who was burned on over 40% of his body when his vehicle struck a landmine but now is an actor on All My Children.

Claiming to be Joe Lieberman’s Nephew, Art Fraudster Has Heavily Insured Testicles

Wow,the guy claiming to be  Senator Joe Lieberman‘s nephew, Chad Love-Liberman, has got balls. Or at least that’s what he wanted the world to think when he announced that he’d insured his nutsack with Lloyd’s of London for $1.4 million. Not only has Chad Love-Lieberman been passing himself off as the Senator’s relative (a relationship the senator denies), he’s also staged an internet art fraud that has infringed the copyrights of over 170 artists.

A wanna-be art star and rapper, celebutard Chad Love-Lieberman started a company called, positing himself as a CEO, “art consultant” and multimedia artist while proving himself to be a shizznozzle by posting pics of himself with Paris Hilton to promote both his brick and mortar gallery/online business selling “fine art,”  at deep discounts and to front his mad hip hop skillz. You can check out his rhymes on iTunes. One song is called “Pimp Tro-Naunt.” It’s about sex, like most of  his tunes. On his patriotic rap, “9-11-01,” he samples George Bush.

Love-Lieberman also pimp-tro-naunt’ed himself as an fine arts painter in an interview with (where he posed with “his” art work, while bragging about the two books  he’s written and how his work hangs in MoMA.   He gave an interview to website Campus; included were jpgs of artwork he claimed he’d painted. He said:

Look, I am a pop artist. I follow the trends in media. I see what these celebrities are doing, and it just made sense to do. Being a successful pop artist is more than just what I tangibly create on canvas but just as important what I project to society.

The only art–pop or otherwise–Chad Love-Lieberman seemed to be marginally good at was the art of fraud. And what he’s projected to society is the image of a spoiled brat trading on his last name-turned venal internet hustler. From the now-taken down Art$Love website:

Art4Love Inc. is an emerging growth art company with access to the works of 1,300 artists from 45 countries, representing the rights of almost 18,000 pieces of original artwork by both established and emerging artists worldwide. Offering a comprehensive range of leasing and sales options and an extensive selection of artwork, the Company provides a “one- stop/full-service environment” to assist its corporate clients with all facets of their art needs. seemed to be doing pretty well according to this:

The approximate number of employees at Art4Love , Inc. range to greater than 20… their employees have salaries ranging around $81398.

On Art4Love’s website–since shut down–Chad Double-L-Loser displayed a plethora of  paintings for sale, boasting:

Art4love features 100% canvas artwork from Chad Love and M.O.M.A rated artists across the globe. All paintings are very competitively priced to make it them accessible to everyone. Art4love sells 100%, canvas artwork. Their wall art and canvas art are sold through their website and through their retail outlets. Art4love features the best art from experienced artists at affordable prices. All artwork sold at Art4love comes in ready to hang form. They have the largest collection of paintings grouped into various popular categories.

Thing is, the artwork was retitled by him, not painted by him. Nor was

the famous New York City M.O.M.A. rated* resident artist Chad Love-Lieberman

licensed to sell the majority of the art posted in jpgs on, though he offered a certificate of authenticity. When the story hit, artist Ursula Vernon noticed her artwork, and several other pieces by other artists, were all attributed to Chad Love-Liberman. She notified Campus Socialite, which edited the story to reflect the truth, and put the word out to other artists.

The majority of artworks appear lifted from, whose community banded together  and quickly combed through, reposting Art4love’s webpages and creating a Facebook page. Artist and deviantArt community member Deirdre Reynolds has compiled links and written tips to help artists identify their works on the screenshots of So far 170 artists have identified their works as having been appropriated by Chad Love-Lieberman Loser and the list is growing. They hope to file copyright infringement lawsuits. Some have also pointed out the glaring similarity between Love-Lieberman’s 2003 opus Creative Warriors Walk Alone: The Business of Art and the original edition of Cameron S. Foote’s The Business Side of Creativity: The Complete Guide to Running a Small Graphics Design or Communications Business, now in its 3rd edition; the original, published by Norton, predates Love-Lieberman’s self-published tome by seven years.

No wonder Art4Love’s website was pulled down, along with which sold Love-Lieberman’s CD. But the Interwebs have long strands…

deviantART posted the following:

We’ve been tracking the exchanges of comments and journals about all possible infringing activity and are ready to provide information from our side that would help legal action that any of the affected artists decide to bring.  We will also fully cooperate with any government agency that may become involved because of consumer complaints against this apparently infringing website and the people running it. We would also happily cooperate with any possible fraud investigations.

It’s unclear how Art4Love planned to provide buyers with the artwork from the site. However, it is clear that the artwork on hanging on his walls and promoted as his was created artists.

Here’s what Love-Lieberman had to say about himself in 2006 press release when he began hyping Art4Love and his career as a CEO-by-Day/Rapper-by-Night:

I go back to the suburbs to escape the city lifestyle. There I see a lot of young kids acting like they own the world living off their mommy and daddy’s money never really knowing what it takes to make an honest dollar in today’s world. Kids want to dress and act like celebrities, they spend their allowance or side job money on a 1,000-dollar jacket when millions of kids around the country can’t even afford a good meal. So many people in the suburbs think they’ll never run out of money and believe that they can live this delusional rock star lifestyle forever. Instead of working and saving for the future, they throw their money away like it’s growing out of their pockets.

Wow, um project much, Chad?

Love-Lieberman wasn’t the only person involved with Art4Love’s art fraud. 

Art4Love is also connected with a “social capitalism networking portal game” site called, now offline, just like Art4Love, and Chad Love-Lieberman’s music site.   However, in a July 14, 2001 press release, boasted they had licensed Art4Love’s entire digital collection. eventually developed into an extremely useful tool for Personal Public Relations (“Personal-PR”). It is a method of benchmarking individuals who participate in the building, and managing of professional communities…In order to assure that each players “Passion Image”, available on, has verifiable credentials, has obtained an exclusive license for the entire digital collection of images from the The original fine art prints of the digital collection can be purchased directly from

It’s unclear if’s CEO Craig Pravda was aware of Love-Lieberman’s scam, but  he has not spoken up over the past two weeks, despite his name being attached in numerous blogs and online articles about Chad Love-Lieberman. Pravda did not return my emails asking questions about’s involvement with Art4Love and the connection with  former member of the board of directors of  the Small Business Administration’s SBA Regulatory Fairness Program Jeffrey Adduci, whose position as At4Love’s president announced in 2005.

There’s no way Love-Lieberman can claim Fair Use, and “bad faith” is also taken into consideration when adjudicating copyright infringement. In this case,  Chad Love-Lieberman sold and/or  was attempting to sell works to which he had no rights, and in some cases passing those off as his own after placing them without permission or the artixts’ knowledge, on a website he owned, and licensing them in turn to another business.

When Love-Lieberman is brought to justice, he may need to figure out how to turn his heavily insured, $1.4 million dollar gonads into gold: Image infringement carries fines up to $150,000 per use. Ouch!

Chad Love Lieberman’s rap videos were removed from YouTube by the user. But this has been put up:




*It’s MoMA, and no clue what MoMA/M.O.M.A. rated means; only time it show up in teh Google is when it’s attached to Chad Love-Lieberman’s name right off his press releases and web trails.

photo 1: Screen shot: It Takes a Thief opening credits

photo 2: Wikipedia creative commons

photo 2: PRWeb


Rick Perry Pledges to Increase Size of Government, Spend Taxpayer Dollars

Bowing to the pressure of special interest groups, Rick Perry signed National Organization for Marriage’s anti-marriage pledge, joining fellow GOP hopefuls Michele Bachmann and Mitt Romney in their promise to increase the size of government by creating

a presidential commission on religious liberty;

spending taxpayer dollars by sending a

a Constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman to the states for ratification;

and by defending the Defense of Marriage Act in court. Additional government spending will be required to

“advance legislation to return to the people of the District of Columbia their vote on marriage.”

How un-Republican. It is horrifying that the GOP candidates for president are groveling for the votes of extremists and vowing to appoint judges that will legislate from the bench. I am shocked, absolutely shocked!

Samuel L. Jackson: “Being President is One of Those F*cked Up Jobs”

Samuel L. Jackson, who plays Martin Luther King Jr. in the Broadway production of The Mountaintop, gave a great explanation of the presidency to New York Magazine:

Being president is one of those fucked-up jobs. You hope you can figure some shit out and deal with all these hardheaded mother­fuckers and get reelected. Then you can go in and tell motherfuckers to kiss your ass and do what the fuck I say, or I will fuck you up. That’s how you get shit done. That’s the audacity of hope.

Written by Katori Hall, The Mountaintop won 2010 Olivier Award (Britain’s Tony) for Best New Play. Jackson co-stars with Angela Bassett. The Mountaintop takes place April3, 1968, the night before King is assassinated.

Jackson said he feels that if the civl rights leader were alive today

he’d be an advocate of immigrant and gay rights and would bemoan the death of American manufacturing and the middle class.

The Mountaintop begins previews September 22 and opens October 13 at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre.


photo: video screenshot from InstaConsta’s video tribute to Samuel L. Jackson

#OpBART 3: SFPD Says “It Will Be Different” Anonymous Sez “Expect Us”

San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr promises regarding #OpBART 3 on Monday August 29:

It will be different.

Hopefully he means “different,” as the San Francisco  police will not hit people with batons as seen in this video below. Or maybe that San Francisco police officers will not order people off the sidewalks then arrest them for being on the streets, something reported repeatedly on the #OpBART Twitter feed after the Auguest 22nd protest.

Or maybe “different” in that the SFPD will pay more attention to their arrest lists: The name of a 17-year old–date of birth 9-15-1993, arrested at the #OpBART2 protest, then booked and held in San Francisco County Jail under section 601 (missing person/runaway)–was released to the media, against SFPD media guidelines, followed by another email from the SFPD asking reporters to delete the previous list and use the updated one attached, whihc omitted the juvenile.

Oh wait, this is how San Francisco Police Chief Suhr means “different”:

I don’t want this to be construed as delivering a threat, but enough is enough. They made their point, and they are now losing in the court of public opinion. We don’t feel that we took appropriate action at the appropriate pace (on Monday). The next response will be quicker.

Anonymous responded to Chief Suhr’s words thusly:

Now you have our attention.  We do not appreciate threats nor do we take well to them, especially from a chief of police who has a very interesting background himself. May we remind you of 2003?  Allegedly conspiring to obstruct the investigation into the infamous Fajitagate affair, in which three off-duty cops allegedly beat up two men for their Mexican takeout.  Or maybe we should ask Chief Heather Fong why she had to reprimanded you in 2009.

Oh and in 2005, Chief Fong demoted Suhr to the backwater, literally–making him chief of security for SF’s water supply.

The police department replied to Anonymous, issuing a written statement:

As Chief Suhr has stated this is NOT a threat. We as a department will continue to facilitate first amendment rights to protest. Our goal is to provide a safe environment for everyone. While the demonstrators have the right to protest, we will continue to facilitate it to an extent where it does not infringe the rights of others. We as a law enforcement agency had a duty to protect the constitutional rights of all.

BART has stated that

expressive activities

are not permitted on the paid area of BART stations, meaning any area beyond the turnstiles, and expressive activity in the station requires a permit. Is standing on a platform in a tee shirt reading

I <3 Free Speech. Please Don’t Shoot Me!

a violation of BART’s rules and regulations? Is standing in the station area with duct tape over your mouth? Do these actions require a permit on BART property?

Police ienforced BART rules, making arrests of people chanting and passing out fliers on the platforms during the first two #OpBART protests; none of the arrestees were Anonymous, who confined their protests to outside the station, (though one Anon was  photographed tweeting behind a post on the BART Civic Center platform).

It’s important to remember that there are two groups which are uniting to protest BART (along with random unaffiliated citizens). No Justice No BART is demonstrating against the transportation agency’s police department and policies; BART police officers have shot two men in two years. No Justice No BART has successfully disrupted train service in the past during their demonstrations, most recently on July 11 in response to the shooting of Charles Hill, BART service was suspended when protesters climbed on trains.

Anonymous–which for the most part rallies for freedom of information and communication–was drawn into the fray when BART shut off cellphone service on BART platforms and in trains on August 11 to prevent a planned protest by No Justice No BART which BART Chief of police Rainey said was discovered on a

blog webpage.

In the past two and a half weeks, Anons have swiftly educated themselves on the background of BART and the shooting deaths of Oscar Grant and Charles Hill, much they did in 2008 when the removal of a Tom Cruise video on YouTube led to the development of  Anonymous’ Project Chanology, a year long series of real life  protests–the first time Anonymous moved off the interwebz –that embarrassed Scientology, and aided a number of high ranking members to leave what ex-members describe as an abusive cult.

During the #OpBART protests, it has been members of No Justice No BART who have been on the train platforms chanting and shouting, holding signs, while Anonymous and others have marched up top.

How will Anonymous make #OpBART3 different for the SFPD and the BART police? Civil disobedience tactics like chains, padlocks and “blackbear” lockboxes seem a bit old school for Anonymous who have shown their displeasure for BART spokesperson Linton Johnson’s high-handed tactics by scouring the internet for information about the  former anchorman and then providing a treasure trove of  photos featuring Linton Johnson frolicking topless in the Land Down Under. And wearing really stupid tee shirts. All from Linton Johnson’s publicly available blogs (since shuttered).  Anonymous also redecorated; and someone claiming Anonymity easily hacked into both the and the BART police databases, then released names and other information from both sites.

Anonymous’ effort have proven them to be a force with which to be reckoned: The international uproar over the suspension of cellphone service, made hugely public by the hack and the ensuing protests, has prompted an FCC investigation and forced BART to develop a policy limiting cellphone shutoffs. The majority of BART’s Board of Directors expressed emotions ranging from dismay and outrage over the suspension of cellphone service.

Anonymous has proven themselves to be rapidly mutable, highly adaptable organism with fluid intelligence and Trickster‘s sense of humor which can, to some at times, appear cruel or insensitive. At the core, Anonymous is doing it for the lulz. And like Trickster, Anonymous does not forgive, nor forget. Expect them. And expect them to do it differently, too.

Oh and the SFPD has opened its doors for new recruits. Preferably ones fluent in meme-speak and lolcats.

photo: OpBARTsf


Gay Barbarians’ Glittery Street Theater Mocks Marcus Bachmann


Marcus Bachmann, what’s in your closet?

For the second time, a horde of gay barbarians descended on Marcus Bachmann’s psychology clinic. Today the clinic was ready for the sexy savages, locking the doors and leaving the barbarians at the gate. Last time the heathen mob encroached, the clinic waiting room was sprinkled with glitter. Oh teh horror! Teh horror!

The  flash mob was suddenly met by a dapper gray-haired man in a suit who swinging a whip as he feebly attempted to discipline the glitter-bombing barbarians. Then overcome by his feelings–a strange stirring in his loins, a love that dare not speak its name, maybe he was born this way?–the Marcus Bachmann impersonator fell to his knees mid-exorcism, ecstatically receiving a sparkling glitter baptism before rising, then dancing to Lady Gaga with his new-found friends, free at last from the shackles of denial.

Carl Atiya Swanson, the actor who played Bachmann in Thursday’s street theater piece told City Pages:

I think [Marcus] and Michele sort of exemplify a great tragedy in the American ethos, which is that they believe in freedom but only in the ways they want to be free. That’s my main problem with their politics. It extends, obviously, to Marcus specifically for his use of ‘reparative’ and ex-gay therapy, which is a farce that ends in tragedy

Nick Espinosa, the piece’s organizer said:

It was a response to Marcus and Michele Bach’s continual dodging of questions relating to the therapy that’s happening at their clinic. Until they stop stonewalling and come clean with the American people about what’s happening at that clinic they can continue to expect people to keep standing up against what they’re doing.



Thin Skinned? Karl Rove Cut Off FOX News During Palin Remarks

Karl Rove was suddenly cut off an interview with Sarah Palin’s BFF Greta van Susteren Wednesday night when he repeatedly called into question the skin-thinness of the kinda-sorta-maybe-running-but-haven’t-made-up-my-mind-yet former partial term governor of Alaska:

Look, she is all upset about this saying I’m trying to sabotage her in some way. And how dare I speculate on her future. If she doesn’t want to be speculated about as a potential candidate, there’s an easy way to end the speculation. Say, ‘I’m not running. It is a sign of enormous thin skin if we speculate about her, she gets upset. And I suspect, if we didn’t speculate about her she would be upset and try to find a way to get us to speculate about her.

End the speculation by saying, ‘I’m not going to be a candidate.’ Until then, I would recommend she might get a slightly thicker skin. If she has this thin a skin now when people are saying, ‘I think she might be a candidate,’ how is she going to react if she does get into the campaign and gets the scrutiny that every candidate does get?

All of a sudden, FOX cut to ” breaking”news: Steve Jobs was stepping down as Apple CEO, something that had been announced hours earlier. Now who’s thin-skinned?


[ht Crooks & Liars]



Anonymous Exposes BART Exec Linton Johnson Over Cellphone Shutdown

Linton Johnson, BART's man with a big, bad idea

Sexytime goes public for BART spokeshole Linton Johnson! Anonymous claims they were sent photos of the dapper talking head whose words have enraged free speech activists. Some photos were available on Linton Johnson’s open to the public Facebook page, since made private, while others were on his page. Anonymous are circulating them on Twitter. One Anon tweeted:

Im exactly as worried about Lintons privacy as he was about everyones civil rights. In other words not at all.

I’ve seen 14 pictures and some are pretty embarrassing: Linton Johnson in a tee shirt reading STIFF pulling down his red  shorts to reveal his manhood (actually, most men would be proud to have that chunk of flesh, but like, he was dropping drawers in a large group); Linton Johnson mugging and dancing for the camera while in a bar on vacation in Australia; and the most embarrassing of all, Linton Johnson making a cute face wearing a STUD tee shirt and an ugly pink, plastic beaded veil. Seriously, wtf on that fashion choice?

Anonymous has singled out Linton Johnson for his high-handed actions in the August 11 suspension of cellphone service, the first time a government agency in the United States blocked telecommunications service in an attempt to hamper a protest. Anonymous is  demanding Linton Johnson’s resignation, along with that of BART’s chief of police Kenton Rainey.

Linton Johnson claims responsibility for coming up with the epic fail idea to shutdown BART’s platform and train car cellphone service on August 11 to prevent protests. Wired reports:

“It came to me in the middle of the morning,” Johnson said, referring to the idea hours before BART authorities unplugged underground antennas at its four downtown stations during the rush-hour commute. “I sent it to the police department and they said they liked it. They started vetting it.”

Then Linton Johnson went on vacation, returning three days early to deal with the first #opBART Anonymous organized protest.

Linton Johnson has few things to learn about the Internet, like anything you email out can be sent to someone else; and your photos aren’t private if you post them to Facebook and don’t click “friends-only”. (UPDATE Linton Johnson made his FB account private after this post was published).

And Linton Johnson definitely needs to study up on the Constitution. Here are  Linton Johnson’s choice comments on our Constitutional rights:

They made us choose between people’s ability to use their mobile phones (and) their constitutional right to get from point A to point B

a Constitutional right to safety.

No, Linton Johnson, there is no clause in the Constitution that states there is a “right to get from point A to point B” or a “right to safety.”

And, Linton Johnson, it looks like the FCC thinks your idea was a bad one. FCC Commissioner said that BART’s critics have

a valid point.

BART board president Bob Franklin said at today’s special meeting the cell phone service suspension

wasn’t about silencing protesters

which appears to be a contradiction of  Linton Johnson’s brilliant idea and comments from BART police lieutenant Andy Alkire who said, shutting off cellphone service in anticipation of a protest was :

a great tool to utilize for this specific purpose

If the purpose of shutting off cell service was not to silence protesters who might use cellphones to coordinate, then why was service shut down? For their safety? How does not having phone service make you safer?
Linton Johnson, the architect of this mess, should step down: He is an embarrassment to BART. And not because he dresses stupidly on vacation.

photo from Anonymous, via Twitter

BART Director: “Speculation About Protest Doesn’t Warrant Cell Shutdown”

BART’s board of directors met today in a special open session to address the August 11 suspension of cell phone service, which the majority of directors soundly decried, putting interim BART general manager Sherwood Wakeman in the hot seat.

During the meeting BART experienced

technical difficulties

and did not provide live feed.  How um, odd….An earthquake was also felt during the meeting.

The following was gathered off Twitter feeds and news reports of the meeting.

BART police chief  Kenton Rainey told the board that he learned about the August 11 planned protest on

a blog webpage

and made to decision to shut off cellphone service for the riders’ safety. In a dreadful spin about the August 11 incident, BART spokesperson Linton Johnson had said

There are a multitude of groups … flying in from all over the country. They want to do surprise attacks, basically, on BART riders.

Weirdly BART doesn’t consider the full platforms caused by baseball games and drunken concert revelers to be

a threat to the safety of disabled passengers

A”no protests” card was pulled out by a BART employee during the meeting, while an advocate for the disabled informed the BART board of directors that shutting of cellphone service put people at risk–without texts, deaf people can’t get emergency info.

One cellphone-using BART rider said that in his opinion the claim that any 1st amendment right was violated

is specious and trivializes our 1st amendment freedoms

However, other speakers disagreed.  Michael Risher from the ACLU commented that

Just because something can pass constitutional muster doesn’t mean it’s right.… we hope in the next few weeks BART will develop a policy that they won’t turn off cell phone service except in most extraordinary of circumstances

and went on to say that he hoped that

the board takes opportunity to reaffirm free speech rights.

A representative from, a citizens’ news service pointed out that

The tactic of shutting down communications sets bad precedent, could spread to other police forces, this is historic.

Krystof (one name) from No Justice No BART stepped up to the mic, saying

I’m the guy that comes to your meetings.  I’m not anonymous to you!  Your counter-protest strategy is failing miserably…We don’t want you to improve free speech policy. We already have a policy called the Constitution..We don’t need your permission to protest. We are going to do it anyway. Our free speech zone is wherever we are standing,

adding that his group would continue to protest.

One speaker, Twitter handle dto510, aksed the board to vote regarding the cellphone shutdown:

I spoke to BART Board noting evidence of safety threat on Aug 11 was wrong, and asked for vote on cellphone shutdown.

The BART board of directors weighed in. While at the top of the meeting, BART’s assistant General Manager of Operations Paul Overseir said a small hiccup in service could lead to overcrowding and danger on the platforms (again baseball games, oh heck football games, let’s just say it!) and BART chief counsel Burrows pointed out that there are designated free speech areas, the BART board of directors seemed generally unhappy about the cellphone shutdown.

Board member Robert Raburn called the August 11 action imprudent adding:

This will become a landmark case. We must protect 1st amendment. Speculation about protest doesn’t warrant cell shutdown.

Board member James McPartland (on speaker phone):

This is the start of a national discussion on authorities’ power to shut off cellphones.

Board member Joel Keller:

People have a right to cellphone service but BART also has to deal sometimes with situations of imminent danger. When two rights collide, the right to safety and the right to free speech, we should err on the side of not allowing the suspension of cell phone service. Once we allow cell phone service, we have to protect that right.

(the right to safety is not in the Constitution, fyi.)

Board member Lynette Sweet asked the staff to explain the chain of command that lead to the suspension of cell service, and BART Police Chief Rainey replied:

I am responsible for the actions of August 11.

BART’s interim general manager Wakeman says he ultimately authorized Aug. 11 decision on a recommendation from Rainey, and that the FCC was not notified. Nor was BART’s board of directors

Sweet asked about ADA compliance, if was that part of the equation. Wakeman replied

There are alternative means of communication for the  disabled.

Sweet said she has not been quiet on the issue because it is such a big issue, and that the board not being involved in the August 11 decision and the shooting of Charles Hill  shows that BART has not learned any lesson from the shooting of Oscar Grant in 2009. Sweet also said:

I agree with Krystof. Our counter protest strategy is not working.

Board member Tom  Radulovich said that the shut down of cell service was unjustifed and that BART should admit their over reaction and mistake regarding cellphones

even if it’s hard

Sweet concluded

There’s a way to have both safety and open communications.

BART board president Bob Franklin, who said that people have an immediate distrust of BART, still defended Aug. 11 cellphone shutdown, saying

It wasn’t about silencing protesters

much to the outrage of people following the live tweets. No really, then what was it about?

Franklin also said:

I supported Chief Rainey’s tactic to shut down cell service because of safety. We can’t take that chance.

That kind of double speak and attitude will lead to more protests.

@pixpls tweets and #opBART were invaluable for this story.

Photo: YourAnonNews

Late Night FDL: Sing Along as We Rearrange the Titanic’s Deck Chairs




Well gosh:

The president of Standard & Poor’s, Deven Sharma, is stepping down, just a few weeks after the ratings firm issued a controversial downgrade of U.S. government debt, the Financial Times reported.

I kinda feel like we–America, the people–are getting shafted, with sand in the Vaseline.

Speaking of sand and petroleum, does the Back East Earthquake mean Mother Nature wants Obama to quash the Tar Sands pipeline? Given that DOMA hasn’t been repealed yet, it’s not like Talibangelicals can claim it’s because the Administration loves teh gheys.


Split Rated” from VERSUSPLUS:, with Merle Hazard (“H.E.D.G.E.”; “Double Dippin’”) and Curtis Threadneedle (“Quantitative Easin’”) and Marcy Shaffer.

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