Tim Gunn: Bachmann, Palin Same Person; Hillary is Gender Confused


Tim Gunn visited the George Lopez Show and decided to mashup politics and fashion. Sad fail. I love Tim Gunn, but seriously not funny. He declared Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin to be the same person (the old, not funny joke got a slow, weak build of applause), then went on to say about Hillary Clinton:

She’s the secretary of state, she’s the former senator from New York, she’s the former first lady. Why must she dress that way? I think she’s confused about her gender. All these big, baggy menswear tailored pantsuits. No, I’m really serious…If the pantsuit didn’t stop an inch above her ankle you could hide the cankle….I have great respect for her intellect and for her tenacity, and for what she does for our country in her governmental role. I just wish she could send a stronger message about American fashion.

When is it okay to make fashion about a person’s gender, Tim?  Props to you for being who you are but totally uncool. And you’re in the Smurfs movie. Nuff said.

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Teddy Partridge | Friday July 29, 2011 10:35 am 1

I think that being to reduce the field from 20 to 16 last night convinced Tim that he was qualified to be a ‘judge’ — it went to his head.

Also, he broke through the background noise with these quotes, just before Project Runway premiered. It’s PR PR, dahling: winning!

Teddy Partridge | Friday July 29, 2011 10:45 am 2

Also, I was unaware George Lopez still had a teevee programme.

DonWilliams | Friday July 29, 2011 05:49 pm 3

“When is it okay to make fashion about a person’s gender, Tim?”

When it’s funny.

Why are liberals always engaged in a politically corrected War On Laughter?

ThingsComeUndone | Saturday July 30, 2011 07:54 am 4

Given the Right’s hysteria over Hilary you do have to wonder is some of it was sexual in nature despite her clothes.
In my opinion a Woman who is hot beats a fashionably dressed woman in getting guy’s attention and the GOP hated her because they hysterically feared her hotness.
A woman who smiles a bunch if hotness is equal moves up 10 points, unless of course she smiles because she is trying to manipulate you and that was Sarah’s problem with the debate where she was all winks and smiles sometimes you can be too obvious unless your goal is trying to pick up sailors who just got into port.
There is nothing wrong with that at a bar but in a VP…well its not what I was looking for Zbigniew Brzezinski, Andrew Sullivan is what I look for in somewhat sane GOPers with a brain.
I might not agree with them much but I think they are the last Conservatives I respect.

Lisa Derrick | Saturday July 30, 2011 04:17 pm 5
In response to DonWilliams @ 3

But Don, it wasn’t funny. His Bachmann/Palin jokes weren’t funny either.

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