Amy Winehouse: Dead

Grammy award winning singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse is dead. The British songstress was 27. While in recent years, Winehouse was known for her tabloid appearances and rather disheveled states, in 2008 Winehouse won five Grammys including  best new artist; her single “Rehab” won song and record of the year along with best pop vocal performance; and Back to Black was named best pop vocal album. Officials at U.S. embassy in London had denied her application to attend the 2008 Grammys, finally relenting just two days for the show. Travel logistics proved impossible for the singer, so she delivered her performance live from a rehearsal studio.

Details of her death are sketchy, but Winehouse had a notorious drug and alcohol habit. A Metropolitan Police spokesman confirmed to the BBC

that a 27-year-old woman had died in Camden and that the cause of death was as yet unexplained.

Despite her hit single protesting

I won’t go to rehab, no no no

Winehouse had recently spent time in a London area drug and alcohol rehab facility, and had been told not to drink.

Daily Telegraph rock critic Neil McCormick told the BBC that Winehouse

had appeared focused when giving an “incredible performance” for a recent studio recording of a duet with Tony Bennett. “It’s deeply sad. It’s the most completely tragic waste of talent that I can remember.”

Winehouse canceled her comeback tour after the first show in June when she appeared onstage in Serbia, apparently too intoxicated to perform.

Winehouse divorced her husband Blake Clive-Felderwho spent time in prison in 2009.  Clive-Felder’s second wife Sarah Aspin told The Sun earlier this month that Winehouse

needs to keep her hands off him. He is mine and we are a family now. I’ve had enough of her thinking she can click her fingers and get him back whenever she wants. She phones him when she is really out of it and her texts are even signed off ‘your wife’.

Among those weighing in on Twitter: Kelly Osbourne and Sarah Brown wife of Britain’s former prime minister.

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“Among those weighing in on Twitter: Kelly Osbourne”

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