Oklahoma First Daughter’s Pseudo GaGa Video Back Online!


She’s back! Christina Fallin-Bacon’s “fashion” video for Twenty-Something magazine’s Girl of the Month feature was yanked last night. But thanks to some enterprising webgeek, we can now view Fallin-Bacon, daughter of Oklahoma’s own first woman governor–and staunch conservative–Mary Fallin (rhymes with Palin), in all her GaGa-esque glory as she frolics in the governor’s mansion!

Fallin’s motto is “Faith, Family, and Freedom,” and newlywed Christina Fallin-Baconcertainly exemplifies her mom’s motto:  Daughter = “family;” dancing in a transparent dress in the Governor’s Mansion=”freedom;” and “faith” — in her looks. Oh golly, I hope Christina tries to be a reality teevee star!

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