Jennifer Lopez: “It’s Okay to Be Out”

In an exclusive interview with Andrés Duque’s Blabbenado blog, Jennifer Lopez–who along with being a musical and fashion superstar is now hosting American Idol–talks LGBT in the Latino community and beyond.

Lopez says she has LGBT family members and grew up with it being no big deal. She feels there is growing acceptance in both the Latino community and in the Latino music industry to LGBT performers, driven in part by Ricky Martin:

I just think it’s a reflection of the real world we live in. And it’s OK to be out. I do think it is. I do think it’s acceptable for people to be who they are. I am a huge advocate of that. In that sense, that’s the only way we can truly love ourselves, it’s by accepting who we are and letting everybody know who we are.

So, I’m very proud – you know – I’m friends with Ricky and I’m very proud of him and support him in everything he does. And all these people who have been… who want to step forward and tell the world who they are… I think that’s awesome.

(photo: Gisele13, creative commons)

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