Nerd Wars: 4Chan Down D/DOS? — the breeding ground of memes like Epic Fail Guy and rickrolling where users can post anything they feel like anonymously (whence was spawned the free speech/free thought movements Anonymous/Chanology) has been hit with a denial of service attack (DOS). Or a distributed denial of service attack (DDOS). The former is one solo handyman fapping his joystick; the latter a bunch of people who hit the button, followed by a lot of social engineering.

This was not unexpected. 4Chan founder Christopher “Moot” Poole recently made headlines for joining Lerer Ventures as an advisor; and Anonymous’ support of Wikileaks, the DDOSing of non-financial, informational sites connected to Bank of America, Paypal and VISA as part of Operation Payback (initiated because those institutions abruptly declined to process payments to Wikileaks) made Anonymous sites and 4Chan targets.

And 4Chan, which reportedly hosts over 642,000,000 posts and has a user base of just under 60,000 is laughing it off. The website is posting updates regularly.