“Refudiate” Refudiated!

I thought refudiate meant to barf up dinner, an act immortalized in the Romans’ vomitoria as indicative of their excesses and by Clare Booth Luce as

the cow’s diet

in The Women.

I have obviously been spending too much time on ICanHasCheezburger.  Silly me!

But now Sarah Paln, who seemed all proud about her coining the term even comparing herself to Shakespeare who did some fine wordsmithing in his day, has gone and refudiated her nifty neologism, saying it was a Twitter typo, even though she’d spoken the the word on Sean Hannity’s show.

One Response to "“Refudiate” Refudiated!"
Ruth Calvo | Tuesday December 28, 2010 07:36 am 1

No doubt the half a gov’ner is taking her place in the Ralph Hall wingnut gallery. You don’t admit you said it, even the Congressional Record doesn’t have to be acknowledged;

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