LEAKS: Palin Family Suffers Slings and Arrows of Fame

Willow Palin uses terms the terms “gay ” and “faggot” in a derogatory way on Facebook. Tammy Bruce has a good excuse:

The ‘slur’ used here is one you could hear on the streets of West Hollywood or Chelsea every day of the week. Apparently, it’s only a ‘homophobic slur’ when it comes from the daughter of a conservative female leader.


Bristol is still lead-footin’ her way into America’s heart as one of the final three on Dancing with the Stars which I guess shows the power of the people.

Meanwhile Sarah Palin herself is kinda upset because excerpts of her new book, an analysis of her  family and American culture, are hitting the internets.

Uh, see, that’s publicity. And when you sign a contract…

Speaking of contracts implied or otherwise, I wonder what will happen when one of the Palins is pulled aside for TSA screening. Here’s a clue from America by Heart:

This is my America, from my heart, and by my heart. I give it now to my children and grandchildren, and to yours, so they will always know what it was like in America when people were free.

She also REALLY likes Simon Cowell, writing that he could be:

a little harsh at times, but he upholds the highest standards, and something in us recognizes and responds to that.

Remind us of that next Monday when it’s time to vote on DWTS.

3 Responses to "LEAKS: Palin Family Suffers Slings and Arrows of Fame"
Teddy Partridge | Friday November 19, 2010 02:17 pm 1

Someone needs to tell her that Simon Cowell ain’t American.

Will no one rid us (metaphorically speaking) of this meddlesome half-governor. Why do people even pay attention to this awful family?

Can’t the righties just have her and love her without her imprint leaking into our “liberal” media?

Pannochka | Saturday November 20, 2010 10:20 am 2

I just came across this accidentaly. I think I might have heard something similar ealier…but don’t remember.

Must be nice to have a connected mother to keep you out of trouble.
I mean, you can still get INTO trouble, you just never have to pay the consequences.

DonWilliams | Monday November 22, 2010 10:05 pm 3

That’s a great little piece of character assassination, Pannochka. You should be ashamed of yourself.

As far as Willow goes, do high school Internet flame wars really interest anyone over 17 years old?

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