New Orleans: Krewe of Dead Pelicans March in Protest

During New Orleans monthly art walk, the newly formed Krewe of Dead Pelicans staged their first parade through Julia Street, New Orleans’ gallery district, to mourn and protest the BP oil spill. Traditionally krewes parade for Mardi Gras, itself a final celebration before the sorrow of the Lenten season.  The KoDP was organized by real estate agent and carnival costume designer Ro Meyer in late May who told the Times-Picayune

The thing is out there in the Gulf circulating and we don’t have any power. We’re not even able to go anywhere to get out of the way. Nobody appears to be doing anything about it, and I don’t have the power to do anything about it, and I don’t know anyone who’s stepping up, saying they have the power to do anything about it…

I just needed a place to channel my frustration and I felt like, ‘If I feel that way, other people must feel that way.’

Ro set up  Facebook pages for the krewe and march which now has over 6000 friends from around the country. Several hundred–some in costumes, others dressed in black and blue to represent the ocean and oil and wearing shrimp boots–participated in the march which included a coffin, banners recycled from Katrina tarps, signs, flags featuring pelican (the state bird) and of course jazz bands. The parade permit was paid for by  country music singer Sammy Kershaw a conservative candidate for Louisiana Lt. Governor (seems there are some Republicans who are putting “conservation” into the conservative platform…).

The krewe will be marching again, and a wing has formed in Tennessee. Expect to see other wings and supporters in Halloween parades across the country as well.

all photos: Infrogmation,via flickr creative commons

6 Responses to "New Orleans: Krewe of Dead Pelicans March in Protest"
Loo Hoo. | Saturday June 12, 2010 07:38 pm 1

We need a national parade.

Suzanne | Saturday June 12, 2010 07:39 pm 2

great reporting lisa — thank you

newtonusr | Saturday June 12, 2010 07:41 pm 3

Nola throws great parades, and it sorrowful that this one is appropriately situated there.

Nice report, Lisa.

TheOracle | Saturday June 12, 2010 07:56 pm 4

When oil and water mix, we get black water.

When BP hires private contractors to handle the clean-up, these private contractors hire private security contractors, leading to BLACKWATER-clone security teams policing the clean-up areas and clean-up crews, denying access to our representatives from the Fourth Estate but also, from reports, our government’s public servants (like the firefighters in Alabama).

In the process, BP gets to claim “plausible deniability.”

THEY aren’t denying access to anyone, anywhere, in oil-fouled areas…at least not directly.

THEY, at least not directly, aren’t ordering clean-up workers not to talk to the press or government public servants, but it is obvious someone is, someone who has threatened clean-up workers with the loss of their job if they do talk.

But who did BP hire to do their dirty work? And is it just BP? EXXON is also hiring clean-up crews (and presumably BLACKWATER-type private security company mercenaries to oversee the oil-poisoned clean-up areas). Are all the other oil giants involved, working with BP to mitigate potential damages to their own corporate profits spilling over from the BP blow-out and the widening black water and black beaches disaster zone?

A MAJOR U.S. government investigation is called for, to ferret out who BP and the other oil giants hired to do their dirty work, private contractors (and sub-contract BLACKWATER-type mercs) hired to set-up their own oil-clean-up-area police-states inside our borders and offshore, hired to give BP “plausible deniability,” hired on the advice of BP’s lawyers to provide a PR buffer as BP and its corporate lawyers scramble to limit the financial damages to BP.

It’s a war, and BP, its corporate lawyers, and those private contractors hired to do BP’s dirty work, are treating it as such. And these last thing BP and its corporate lawyers want is for BP’s hired clean-up crews and hired guns to talk to the “enemy,” who are viewed by BP as anyone from the Fourth Estate or even federal, state and local government public servants.

midcenturymod | Sunday June 13, 2010 10:14 am 5

So sad and wonderful at the same time. Good to know there are good folks like these calling attention to what BP is trying so hard to hide.

Thanks, Lisa.

DonWilliams | Wednesday June 16, 2010 12:24 am 6

I find the women in pelican costumes sporting huge smiles offensive. They aren’t about calling attention to what BP did–the smiles tell you their using that to call attention to themselves.

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