Slovak LGBT Pride Parade Disrupted by Neo-Nazis

Slovakia’s first ever Pride Parade planned for downtown Bratislava, Slovakia was stopped mid march after approximately 100 neo-Nazis and counter protesters–some carrying banners reading “Stop Freaks” — attacked the march Saturday, throwing eggs, rocks and tear gas. Neo-Nazis also beat several participants, according to

The organizers explained that Slovakia’s police were unable to secure the safety of the 500 Pride supporters, so the parade was stopped. Marchers regrouped and gathered for speeches in Hviezdoslavovo Square Tyršovo.

Police arrested some of the neo-Nazi rioters, but but reported that observers saw several cases where the state police did not respond to neo-Nazis violence.

Bratislava Pride organizers had said they

they hoped that the rally and parade would provide space not only for people with different sexual orientations, but also for all others who appreciate the values of an open society and support the concept of universal human rights.

And really that’s what Pride celebrations ultimately should be.

Despite the change of plans, the harassment and the violence, Duvhoy Pride 2010 participants filled the day with love and well, pride.

Photos 2, 6, 7, 8  courtesy of Michaella Speciall and 1, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10    Zuzana Catch Ziakova

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