Pathetic Salahis Stopped Outside State Dinner

Anything for attention. Even if it is actually self-degrading and humiliating. Though maybe last year’s White House State Dinner crashers have no concept.

Desperate famewhores Tareq and Michaela Salahi were stopped last night in their limo  by the Secret Service as they approached the White House before the State Dinner. Seems their driver ran a red light as he prepared to enter the Ellipse by the White House which is not open to normal traffic.

An uniformed Secret Service officer pulled them over and ticketed the limo driver.

MSNBC reports:

One government official said it appeared that the Salahis were preparing to be photographed in front of the White House during the state dinner but said there was no indication they were trying to get into the dinner.

Seriously, Bravo, please drop these idiots from Real Housewives of DC. They are a sooooo embarrassing.