Peter Getty: Coke Made Me a Better Writer, But Not an Arm-Breaker


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Today Jacqui Getty’s attorney will introduce the March 16 deposition in which filthy, rich and filthy-rich Peter Getty discusses his drug use, including cocaine, marijuana and psilocybin mushrooms. In an earlier declaration, Jacqui claims her husband broke her arm when he was so high that his nose was bleeding.

In his deposition, Peter denies being high when Jacqui’s arm was broken. However he also states that cocaine made him a better writer. And didn’t impair his judgment. Okay, then. Where’s Bob Forrest and Dr. Drew when you need them?

Firedoglake has obtained a portion of Peter Getty’s deposition, focusing on his drug use and the circumstances involved in the breaking of his wife’s arm. In her declaration, Jacqui Getty claims that on June 15, 2008, Peter broke her arm at the house in Malibu, had been in his room using coke and when he emerged, blood was running out his nostrils. Peter denies this.

In his deposition Peter admits to doing coke nine or 10 times during 2008, but he denies being gakked when his wife’s arm was broken. Although he admits in 2008 he’d been so high that his nose bled only once. . . at least once.

Well, I’ve seen a photo immortalizing “at least once.” Getty sits at his computer, the screen reflected in the lenses of his black Buddy Holly-ish glasses, his hair greasy and unkempt, looking for all the world like a basement-dwelling blogger pounding away at his fapboard. Except instead of Cheeto crumbs, his sallow, unshaven face is stained with dried blood below both nostrils. Eeeuwww. Srsly eueew. Note to Peter Getty and men everywhere: If you are webcamming, someone will take your picture.

Here are some other deposition high points: When the lawyer asks if Peter ever used cocaine to the point where he had a nose bleed, he answers

Yes…probably back in 2008

He admits that the circumstance occurred probably more than once, then explains

I know it happened at least once. Beyond that…

He trails off. Several times when questioned about who was present and using cocaine, marijuana and psilocybin mushrooms with him, Getty’s attorney cautions him that he does not need to name his fellow partiers, citing privacy. So Getty doesn’t. More’s the pity.

The following excerpts are especially tragic displays of hubris and delusion that could have been lifted from an episode of “Intervention.”

Q: Do you think it impaired your judgment in 2008 when you were using cocaine?

A: Altered it.

Q: When it was altered, did you think it was impaired? You understand the word “impaired,” don’t you?

A: No, I haven’t the foggiest.

Q: Well, Mr. Getty, why don’t you tell me what you think the word “impaired” means.

A: Obviously I know what the word “impaired” means.

The questioning continues:

Q: So in 2008, when you used cocaine, do you think it reduced your ability to think logically?

A: No. Actually, that I wouldn’t say.

Q: Do you think it reduced your ability to act responsibly?

A: No

Getty goes on to say that he does not think cocaine affected his ability to recall and recollect events that happened while he was high on it, stating

No. I don’t think it had any effect on my memory.

Nor does Getty believe that cocaine affected his judgment in terms of language he used. Actually, Peter Getty thinks cocaine made him a better writer:

Well, it, you know, was euphoria kind of thing. I mean, just like the, you know, textbooks say, it’s, you know, causes a slight numbing sensation and a sense of well-being and, you know, self awareness…

I found, for instance, that when I was writing, I could get my ideas out better or more fluidly, you know. The same ideas, yes, but I could–I thought I could express them better…

…But, you know, my own views, my own opinions I thought I could–I’m speaking more here of writing than conversing, although it was also applicable in conversation. But it just made it easier to get my thoughts out in a, you know, compelling, understandable way.

And while a keyboard is a dangerous thing to use when blazed on wacky dust, at least Peter Getty didn’t get behind the wheel of a car, even though he felt he might be capable of handling it:

Well, I wouldn’t drive a car, you know. I–that’s not because I necessarily felt like I was incapable of it. It would just be, you know, a bad idea under the circumstances… Because I was on cocaine.

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laker | Friday May 7, 2010 12:02 pm 1

This was a very important article. Thank you.

Lisa Derrick | Friday May 7, 2010 12:35 pm 2

we thought so. Domestic violence and cocaine happen at every strata of society.

librty | Friday May 7, 2010 12:38 pm 3

Note to Peter Getty and men everywhere: If you are webcamming, someone will take your picture.

and maybe a word of caution to dissimilar chromosome-d also

Teddy Partridge | Friday May 7, 2010 01:21 pm 4

This deposition is the testimony of a current user, not a recovered one. No one in recovery thinks they were better off in any way while gakked. It’s not what recovery teaches you.

I wonder if Peter is high today, at his trial.

Teddy Partridge | Friday May 7, 2010 01:21 pm 5
In response to librty @ 3

Yeah, webamming women will also get screen-capped.

mzchief | Friday May 7, 2010 02:50 pm 6

Non-trivial helping significant others and/or children in such a situation. Something constructive one can do is support this (or an organization like it in your area): House of Ruth (

Bionic | Monday May 10, 2010 08:18 am 7
In response to mzchief @ 6

Others might also want to read this story about The House of Ruth .
I don’t think many regulars on this site are really that strongly supportive of the whole marriage-means-Eve-and-Steve-not-Steve-and-Steve-or-Eve-and-Eve kind of mentality. Srsly.

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