Long Stroke: Rekers’ Bag Handling Rentboy Speaks Out! Plus More!

Kudos to “Lucien” as he calls himself, the “travel assistant” who hoisted bags for anti-gay activist George Rekers during a ten-day all expense paid vacation to Europe. “Lucien” has given an in depth interview to New Times Miami which broke the sack-lifting story earlier this week, clearing the air and admitting that intimate contact occurred between the blond student/escort and his outwardly, professionally homophobic psychologist patron.

Seems Rekers liked “the long stroke,” a special nude massage “down there”¬† which Lucien administered once a day. Rekers also asked Lucien to prepare a document hopes of preventing any future disclosures. Lucien told New Times:

It’s a situation where he’s going against homosexuality when he is a homosexual.

Lucien decided to speak with New Times after a friend explained to him the harm that Rekers’ anti-gay proselytizing has caused for countless LGBT. Lucien said:

In all honesty, he should disassociate himself from these [anti-gay] groups

The Family Research Council, the rightwing Christian group Rekers co-founded with James Dobson has removed Rekers from  their website, despite the turgid Facebook page explanation for his frequent flier frolics:

Like John the Baptist and Jesus, I have a loving Christian ministry to homosexuals and prostitutes in which I share the Good News of Jesus Christ with them (see I Corinthians 6:8-11). Contrary to false gossip, innuendo, and slander about me, I do not in any way “hate” homosexuals, but I seek to lovingly share two types of messages to them, as I did with the young man called “Lucien” in the news story: [1] It is possible to cease homosexual practices to avoid the unacceptable health risks associated with that behavior, and [2] the most important decision one can make is to establish a relationship with God for all eternity by trusting in Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the cross for the forgiveness of your sins, including homosexual sins. If you talk with my travel assistant that the story called “Lucien,” you will find I spent a great deal of time sharing scientific information on the desirability of abandoning homosexual intercourse, and I shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ with him in great detail.

Dr. Rekers, you didn’t have “homosexual intercourse.” You had homosexual foreplay. Either way, it’s still gay sex. Admit it, admit you’re gay, embrace your fabulousity, repent from the sins of having harmed countless LGBT with your BS theories and practices, and come over to the rainbow side. It’s a lot more fun.

4 Responses to "Long Stroke: Rekers’ Bag Handling Rentboy Speaks Out! Plus More!"
Teddy Partridge | Thursday May 6, 2010 04:13 pm 1

How many lives has this fraud’s ‘science’ ruined? How many faulty marriages is he responsible for with his preaching about ex-gayitude? How many suicides on his watch?

Will any of the public entities (Florida is one) who paid this man to defend their anti-gay adoption laws seek to recover his ill-gotten gains? Why should taxpayers fund his fun?

What a freak show.

dhfsfc | Friday May 7, 2010 04:29 am 2

“but I seek to lovingly share two types of MASSAGES. . . ” is what he meant to say!

Phoenix Woman | Friday May 7, 2010 06:45 am 3

Thing is, Rekers has made a ton of money over the decades being the pseudo-scientific “rent boy” for the religio-bigots. I can’t see him giving up that sugar tit willingly, even though the FRC has already cut their ties to him.

Much depends on two (2) things: His intelligence, and his relative placement of comfort and riches over self-honesty in what passes for his own internal values system. If he was both smart and venal, he’d have immediately pulled a Ted Haggard: The tearful confession, the promise to undergo “pray away the gay” treatments, and the lying low for a few months until he could re-emerge, Haggard-style, and step back into his old, lucrative lifestyle as if nothing had happened.

But while he is very likely venal, he’s not particularly smart — because he obviously doesn’t realize what he needed to do to preserve his long-term career and his long-term cash flow, and the window of opportunity for him to do the Haggard trick before his career is irreversibly destroyed is shrinking fast, if it hasn’t slammed shut already.

CherryTheTart | Saturday May 8, 2010 03:10 am 4

Rentboy, rentboy, outta’ sight!
How much do you cost a night?
Snort some candy up your nose
and put your tongue-tip on my rose!

Rentboy, rentboy, you’re so sweet!
come and do me when I tweet
Do me when I come to town
In and out and upside-down!

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