Wow! Butt Crack Stickers

Okay, I thought the “Fear the Rear Gear” pet anus covers were kinda goofy and well, wrong. But Jesus weeps over “Backtacular Gluteal Cleft Shield” designed to peel and stick over the butt crack left exposed by fashionable low rise jeans. Or by your plumber doing his job.

In French the ad copy promises that the Backtacular Gluteal Cleft Shield will prevent embarrassing moments and an end to the prying eyes of sweaty co-workers looking at your butt crack when you lean over or pick up your purse from next to you desk. Ooo la la!

They come in a variety of designs, cost 11 euros and can be worn with a thong. But really, wouldn’t the solution to gluteal cleft exposure be to wear a longer shirt over low rise jeans?

[HT Popbitch]

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