Mean Prom: Constance McMillen Amends Complaint

Constance McMillen has amended her complaint against the Itawamba County School District to include the “mean prom” held in Evergreen County. The complaint is supported by comments made on La Figa by a student from Constance’s high school after the photos of the “mean prom” surfaced here.

In her original complaint, a federal lawsuit, Constance sought monetary damages for infringement on her free-speech rights. The suit claimed that the Itawamba County School District infringed upon those rights by canceling its original prom on the school property rather than allowing her to attend with a same-sex date and to wear a tuxedo.

The “mean prom” adds a whole ‘nother layer of ugly and damages to the complaint.

Patsy R. Brumfield and Chris Kieffer from NEMS360 reported:

The amended complaint, filed today, also claims that the private prom to which McMillen was invited was “a sham” and that the school district helped plan a second private prom that McMillen was not invited to attend.

School district attorney Michele Floyd did not immediately respond to a call requesting comment about that allegation…

The amended complaint asks for compensatory damages to be determined by a trial for Constance’s “public humiliation and disparagement,” as well as mental health, medical and educational impact she’s felt.

Constance has asked to be transferred to a school outside the Itawamba County School District to complete her senior year. A letter requesting the transfer included as evidence in the amended complaint cites

the misplaced enmity among the student body and the community against Constance for “causing” at least one prom to be canceled.

The complaint posted up on NMissCommentor contains a quote from a student which was originally posted on La Figa by legbeg10, a student at Itawamba Agriculture High School. The complaint states in part:

The next morning, on March 30, 2010, Constance received multiple text messages from classmates that had been sent the night before accusing her of causing the Tupelo prom to be canceled. One such text message said, in words or substance, “Heard you got the other prom canceled. Good job.” Other texts said, in words or substance, “You don’t even deserve to go to our school,” and “Are you going to ruin graduation too?” Later that day, another classmate sent a text message that said, in words or substance, “I don’t know why you come to this school because no one likes your gay ass anyways.”…

In the following days, Constance heard rumors that at least one other prom was being organized for the same night as the Fulton Country Club prom. She unsuccessfully attempted to determine if she was invited to that other prom…

Constance and her date arrived at the Fulton Country Club at approximately 8:30 p.m. When they arrived, they faced a virtually empty room. Only seven other students were in attendance. Defendant Wiygul [the school principal] and several IAHS faculty members were also in attendance as chaperones. When Constance returned home later that evening, she broke down in tears.

In the following days, as the news about the Evergreen Prom surfaced, one classmate asserted in an internet posting that other students had organized the Evergreen Prom specifically to exclude Constance, stating: “We wanted a drama-free gathering to celebrate 3 great years and 1 lousy one together, and we wanted to lay low. We also wanted to do it without the main cause of the lousy.” The student explained that her classmates were unapologetic about excluding Constance, asserting: “So we did, and now we’re getting flack because poor Connie’s ego got a bit of bruising. She’s playing the lesbian card to prove she ALWAYS gets what she wants. This time, we didn’t just let her.”

19 Responses to "Mean Prom: Constance McMillen Amends Complaint"
Suzanne | Wednesday April 21, 2010 09:55 pm 1

thanks for updating lisa. i’m so glad she amended to include the mean prom.

newtonusr | Wednesday April 21, 2010 10:52 pm 2

They couldn’t stop themselves from strutting, and now look at them…
Thanks, Lisa.

Teddy Partridge | Wednesday April 21, 2010 11:24 pm 3

Buncha losers had to dig the hole deeper.

I hope their parents’ taxes all go sky-high to pay Constance’s judgment.

DonWilliams | Thursday April 22, 2010 02:03 am 4


ThingsComeUndone | Thursday April 22, 2010 05:01 am 5

Cool I hope after she graduates she becomes an activist.

dakine01 | Thursday April 22, 2010 06:21 am 6

I wonder which group of people in this will have the more fruitful and longer overall careers.

I think I’ll bet on Constance.

serge | Thursday April 22, 2010 06:24 am 7

I hope that she causes the school district a world of pain, in reputation (hah) and in gold.

It’s a shame that she has no cause of action against her dipshit classmates. If it came to that, high school would be a different experience altogether. One can’t legislate respect and decent manners though. Oh not to be young again…

I hope that Constance graduates, goes to college, and then says sayonara to Mississippi forever. Don’t even look back.

goto100 | Thursday April 22, 2010 06:26 am 8
In response to dakine01 @ 6

Not in today’s post-Bush II and Bambi USA.

Nowadays, the jocks and the good ‘ol boys win hands down. Decent people need not apply. I’d get the hell out of there as quickly as possible if I were you.

Margaret | Thursday April 22, 2010 06:29 am 9
In response to serge @ 7

It will take more courage to stay and try to change attitudes and Constance has that. Whatever she decides to do, I wish her the best. She is without question more grown up than her fellow students who seem to only blame the victim for their blind, unreasoned hatred and for the district superintendents who bring their 19th century prejudices into the 21st century world.

dhfsfc | Thursday April 22, 2010 06:31 am 10


You won. You’re getting out of that hell-hole, getting a great education, and my guess is that you’ll find a different sort of place to live in when you grow up.

They lost. They get to be small-minded (like their parents) all their insignificant lives. Plus the cost of litigation, and lost college offers, will hound that school for a long time.

Margaret | Thursday April 22, 2010 06:34 am 11
In response to dhfsfc @ 10

Plus the cost of litigation, and lost college offers, will hound that school for a long time.

Don’t count on it. I’m sure Liberty University and several others are heavily recruiting there as we speak.

bgrothus | Thursday April 22, 2010 06:46 am 12

Who were the other students at the original prom? Were they also excluded from the info of the change of location or were they supporting Constance? Just wondering if she had any support.

I wish her the best. HS can be so totally dumb.

Chris Dietrich | Thursday April 22, 2010 06:59 am 13

I’m just wondering if the parents (or the people who sponsored the mean prom) are having their eyes opened even a little bit. High school students aren’t always mature enough to see the consequences of their actions, but Mommy and Daddy should be feeling at least some remorse.

Not everyone south of the Mason Dixon Line is a cracker, right? Have we heard anything from them or the town council?

szielinski | Thursday April 22, 2010 07:27 am 14

I hope the remedy includes a request to have Constance’s soon to be ex-classmates watch Heathers for 72 straight hours.

DonWilliams | Thursday April 22, 2010 08:18 am 15
In response to Chris Dietrich @ 13

“Not everyone south of the Mason Dixon Line is a cracker, right?”

They’re not all n***ers, either.

Lisa Derrick | Thursday April 22, 2010 08:48 am 16
In response to Chris Dietrich @ 13

I have spoken with a few students who think the mean prom was a really bad idea and one townsperson who is appalled. But overall most people aren’t talking and school officials aren’t returning calls.

bayofarizona | Thursday April 22, 2010 11:20 am 17
In response to bgrothus @ 12

I believe they had some kind of disability.

Phoenix Woman | Thursday April 22, 2010 11:25 am 18
In response to szielinski @ 14

Hell, they’d love it.

DonWilliams | Friday April 23, 2010 09:33 am 19
In response to DonWilliams @ 15

Crackers = Good racist insult
N***er = Bad racist insult

Why do I feel like I’m in South Park?

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