EL Coyote’s Prop 8 Supporter: She’s Baaaaaack

In November 2008,  it came out that Marjorie Christoffersen, the niece of the owner of the venerable El Coyote restaurant in Los Angeles, had made a donation to Prop 8; Marjorie is Mormon and was prompted to make the donation based on her faith, despite many of the restaurants customers being gay or gay-friendly.

After a huge uproar and and effective boycott, Marjorie resigned from her position at El Coyote and the crowds returned.

Now a year and half later Marjorie is back. I saw her with my own eyes last night; she was wearing a pink floral skirt and carrying a pitcher. So just now I called the restaurant to confirm, asking

Hey is Margie back?

The manager replied

Yes, she is.

So this is how a business keeps its word to the customers? We just saw this sort of bait and switch with Constance McMillen and Itawamba Agricultural High’s “private dance party” held the same night as the prom, and it is offensive and rude.

4 Responses to "EL Coyote’s Prop 8 Supporter: She’s Baaaaaack"
misswildthing | Thursday April 8, 2010 11:15 am 1

WE could suggest a name correction for them…La Cabrona. More truthful anyway.

Kelly Canfield | Thursday April 8, 2010 04:15 pm 2

Damn! I’m supposed to go to LA in May, and was looking forward to going there again. O well.

Lisa Derrick | Thursday April 8, 2010 06:21 pm 3

Kelly, the food was really dreadful..I can recommend so way better and very fun places..guelegetzal on Olympic and normandie fer instance…just dont order the chupalina unless you like grasshopppers

DonWilliams | Friday April 9, 2010 03:37 pm 4

Pres. Obama is very clearly on record against gay marriage, and he says he opposes it because of his religious beliefs.

I hope no progressives voted for such a hate-filled guy.

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