The MEANEST TOWN IN AMERICA: Fake Prom for Lesbian Student?

UPDATE: More photos from the prom and more on La Figa

Constance McMillen’s prom was this weekend. And the town of Fulton, Mississippi is getting a reputation as the meanest place in America.

Last month a federal judge in Mississippi ruled that Constance McMillen’s rights were violated when she was not allowed to wear a tuxedo and bring her girlfriend to the Itawamba Agricultural High School prom. Judge Davidson would hold a trial on the matter later and stopped short of requiring the school board to reinstate the prom, as parents had already formulated their plan to hold a private prom.

There was a private prom all right. On Wendesday, the school’s attorney announced that “the prom” was to be held at the Fulton Country Club on Friday. Constance, her date and seven other kids showed up.

Because the “real prom” was held in a secret location outside of the county, reports nmisscommentator

How rude, cruel and vile.

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