Ellen Degeneres Presents Banned Teen with Scholarship Check

Today on her talk show, Ellen Degeneres presented Constance McMillen–the teen who challenged the district’s policy banning same-sex dates–with a scholarship check from Tonic.com. Ellen told her:

I admire you so much. When I was your age I never would have had the strength to do what you are doing.

Itawamba County school board canceled the planned April 2 prom after Constance, a high school senior let it be known she was bringing her girlfriend. The school board said the  issue caused a distraction to the educational mission of the high school and cited safety concerns as a factor in their decision, though they said they’d be fine if a private group hosted a prom.

Talk show host Degeneres had offered to pay for a private prom, but Constance said that she wanted the school district to hold the dance.  Good for Ellen!

Did Kathy Griffin offer to bail Lt. Choi out of jail or pay the fines for GetEqual.org protesters arrested at Nancy Pelosi’s office yesterday?

Along with the scholarship and the offer of a summer internship for Constance, Tonic.com is

raising money for a second-chance prom for students in Mississippi that would include gay and lesbian students. The Mississippi Safe Schools Coalition is organizing the dance, but has not released any details about it.

3 Responses to "Ellen Degeneres Presents Banned Teen with Scholarship Check"
DonWilliams | Friday March 19, 2010 07:50 pm 1

The little attention whore is gobbling up her 15 minutes of fame, aided and abetted by others who only claim to fame is the ability to draw attention to themselves.

What a great giant cosmic circle jerk.

sportinlife | Friday March 19, 2010 11:06 pm 2

Seethe with rage, Don. Burst a blood vessel in your forehead. It’s all good.

DonWilliams | Wednesday March 24, 2010 11:49 pm 3
In response to sportinlife @ 2

You mistake disdain (and amusement) for anger. Maybe you’re projecting.

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