Solar Powered Bibles Sent to Haiti


The Christian group Faith Comes By Hearing is soliciting  donations to send solar operated audio Bibles in Haitian Creole to earthquake ravaged Port au Prince.

PROCLAIMERS® are rugged, SOLAR-POWERED Audio Bible players that do not require any electricity or batteries to work, and $157 will provide a one Haitian Proclaimer®, allowing groups up to 300 to hear the hope and comfort of God’s Word.

The group claims 600 of the units are on their way to Haiti now. With a back-up of food, water and medical aid, wtf are these idiots thinking?


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audiobible | Sunday January 24, 2010 01:24 pm 1

Hi there. Thanks for helping to highlight the tremendous needs of the Haitian people right now. We agree that basic needs, including food, water and medical care are the top priority for these people. But we make audio Bibles and had them in stock. So when organizations there on the front lines (like Convoy of Hope, etc) requested these Bibles, we were glad to be able to help. They were not ever meant to replace essential needs-only help with the spiritual and emotional needs that the Haitians will also have. We are personally doing all we can to assist with those needs as well. -Faith Comes by Hearing

Lisa Derrick | Monday January 25, 2010 05:16 am 2

Supply lines are backed up for food water and medicine, and people are clogging them with $157 solar powered Bibles?!

And while Faith Comes By Healing may have had the units in stock, they are stilling trying to sell more, as the link above shows.

mariano | Tuesday January 26, 2010 05:45 pm 3

Am I understanding this correctly?

FCBY is teamed up with another org and are supplying food for the body and soul.

For the past few years atheists worldwide have literally wasted enormous amounts of money during times of recession, war and poverty not in helping anyone in any material need but in order to purchase bus ads and billboards attempting to demonstrated just how clever they consider themselves to be; and now they want to become the charity police—please!

Futher dissection of this particular atheist hypocrisy here.

Lisa Derrick | Tuesday January 26, 2010 06:16 pm 4

Actually, Mariano, I am not an atheist, so let’s stop with that nonsense. My points are:

There is limited space on planes, limited space for planes and limited manpower to pass out needed food, medicine and shelter supplies.

The space those 600 solar powered Bibles took up could well go for other items, like say antibiotics, water purification devices, MREs etc.

Not to mention FCBY is asking for donations to pay for the solar powered Bibles! At $157 each.

The official religions of Haiti are Roman Catholicism and voodoo. So are these Kreyol translations of the Catholic Bible? KJV? NIV?

And while atheist groups have purchased bus ads and billboards, so do churches, along any other number of organizations. As I am not an atheist, I can’t speak speak for them as a whole, nor would I presume to generalize about them, however the individual atheists is have met are every bit as concerned about the temporal welfare of their fellows as the many of religious people I meet.

And at least they don’t preach about morality while getting caught in sex and money scandals! Hypocrisy may not be one of the deadly sins, but it is certainly a nasty one…

May the Goddess bless you (and you know Glenn Beck believes in the Goddess, as you’ll see if read a bit further in this blog…)

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