John Edwards: Can’t Fault a Guy for Trying?

His political career destroyed by cheating, with his divorce pending and his relationship with Rielle Hunter kinda rocky, John Edwards took a break at his vacation home on Figure Eight Island near Wilmington, N.C. You know, to figure things out, try to learn who he is…

The self-examination may not have turned out so well, but, the locals got some insight into Edwards as he proceeded–according to eyewitness accounts in the Enquirer–to spend a quite a bit of time in the local watering holes, hitting on patrons and bartender Stephanie Breshears.

Tragic. Not to be all moralistic and stuff, but seriously, the cliched midlife crisis just wears so thin.

One Response to "John Edwards: Can’t Fault a Guy for Trying?"
downstreamer | Friday January 15, 2010 02:38 pm 1

Why does the phrase “according to eyewitness accounts in the Enquirer” come off sounding like an oxymoron?

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