No, Really, I Want to Give the Fraternal Order of Police Money!

joe-friday.thumbnail.jpgSo tonight I got a call from the Los Angeles Fraternal Order of Police who wanted a donation to support their youth programs, families of wounded officers, etc.

I listened to the guys speech–Hi Brian, if that’s your real name, yes I was paying attention!– and then said

I would be thrilled to donate. I have had so many really nice encounters with the LAPD, they have been so helpful–

Brian responded

We understand ma’am if this isn’t a good time..

 And I replied that I loved the interactions I had with officers during the demonstrations I had witnessed and which I had participated, and would happily give the $10 he was requesting.

He said

Good night

and hung up on me. Uh, what? Was effusive happiness over having postive encounters with the police not in the script? Was I not being clear?

So using caller ID, I called back and was on hold for 13 minutes.  At which point, I gave up.

4 Responses to "No, Really, I Want to Give the Fraternal Order of Police Money!"
cobernicus | Tuesday September 22, 2009 07:47 am 1

At least they appreciate irony.

rlptripp | Tuesday September 22, 2009 07:49 am 2

Have you been sufficiently protected and served yet?

laurastrand | Thursday September 24, 2009 02:08 pm 3

I always ask what percentage of my donation goes to services and what percentage goes to “administrative overhead.” I believe that around 15% goes to the organization, the rest is for fundraising. re: police officers benevolent organizations – they don’t like being in the answer the question position – they prfer doing the asking as your experience shows.

dakine01 | Thursday September 24, 2009 02:12 pm 4
In response to laurastrand @ 3

I worked one day in a boilerroom operation “fund raising” for the Fraternal Organization of Police. These types of “fund raisers” wind up giving only a small fraction of funds raised to actual good works.

But it makes the Local cop shop feel good and gets their names out in the piblic in a “positive” fashion.

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