See’s Candy Not So Sweet to LGBT Rights

sees_barbie.thumbnail.gifSee’s Candy has lost the kiosk in San Francisco’s Union Square they leased from the city because the company does not comply with city law. San Francisco requires all companies with which the city does business to provide all of the same benefits for domestic partners that it does for spouses.

See’s doesn’t, and See’s wouldn’t change their policy. Which really sucks. I love See’s, a California tradition. I loved driving past the factory on La Cienega Blvd and smelling the chocolate; getting boxes from aunties on holidays. Oh the dark chocolate covered molasses chips, the flat round choclate caramels, the secret code of swirls to tell the really freaky fruit froth-filled bonbons from the ones I like.

One year at Christmas my boss at Atlantic Records, the very cool Danny Goldberg, handed me a 20 lb box of See’s that had arrived for him and uttered one of his classic phrases:

Make it go away.

I did. The obscenely huge box of candy was the dessert centerpiece for my New Year’s Day party and people were so thrilled they could cut open and/or squeeze the candies to find the ones they liked. At the end of the party all that was left for the gluttonous rout were chunks of chocolate coating, a few squashed coconut things, anda couple disembowled raspberry cremes.

On my last trip to Ireland  picked up boxes of See’s nuts and chews at LAX for my hosts, handed them one and then produced the second when the first had been devoured. I was planning on bring them some when I go to Ireland in December for Horslips’ reunion.

But no more. I can’t eat or buy See’s Candy knowing that they discriminate against LGBT employees. I used to long for a See’s Barbie to go with my Totally Tattoo Barbie and Hallowe’en Witch Barbies, but I can’t have it my house now. And the once sweet memories I associate with Mrs. See’s kindly cameo on the white box are tainted by the company’s discriminatory practices.

3 Responses to "See’s Candy Not So Sweet to LGBT Rights"
Gregg Levine | Wednesday July 8, 2009 05:58 am 1

Oh, noooooo. . . not rocky road, not chocolate pops, no Bordeaux bars, no scotchmallow. . . . What the hell am I supposed to bring people from LA now? Somebody picket these fuckers and fix this before my next trip.

cbl2 | Wednesday July 8, 2009 06:54 am 2

ah crap. disappointing but not surprising. it’s the only thing we ever ask our California children to bring to Texas.

we are a Bordeaux house – ok, pretty much anything but nuts ‘n chews house –

I’m with Greg above, let us know if there’s anything we can do to move this along. Now I’m thinking about those big trucks of theirs on the highway, wondering if those are union drivers and if anything could be done with some LGBT/Labor muscle as there was so many years ago w/Coors

some Key Lime and Apple Pie truffles sounds good about now

Lisa Derrick | Wednesday July 8, 2009 08:26 am 3

I can’t tell you all how upset I am about this and how it hurt to be the bearer of bad news.

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