Well There Goes My Weekend! Palin Won’t Do Reagan Library

sarah-palin-blows-kiss.thumbnail.jpgI had a great plan to attend Sarah Palin’s appearance at the Reagan Library in honor of the Simi Valley Republican Women’s Club on August 8th. One of my friends’ moms was once Orange County Republican Woman of the Year. Mmmhmmm, you see where this is going:

1.    Use Mumsie’s name to get tickets
2.    Dress like a Republican
3.    Attend dinner with top secret blogger tools hidden in my G-faux-P girdle
4.    ???
5.    Profit!

Sadly though that pesky Palin has thwarted my hijinx! She backed out…Hmmm could her operatives have sensed my stealthy prowl?  Or does she just like to tease and then say "No"?

Today this sad message appeared on the website of the Simi Valley Republican Women in tragic blue san-serif font:

We regret to inform you that Governor Sarah Palin is unable to attend our event on August 8, 2009. As stated, we invited her to attend and we were honored by her consideration. We sincerely appreciate the support of our members and guests. We will refund ticket purchases for anyone who chooses not to attend.  

Here’s what Ex-Gov GILF had to say on her Facebook page:

As repeatedly stated to several in the media over the last week, former Governor Sarah Palin is not committed to attend the Simi Valley Republican Women’s event at the Reagan Library and in fact is not attending the event. Neither the Governor’s state staff nor SarahPAC has ever committed to attending this event or speaking at this event, and even requested that the Governor’s name be removed from the invitation several weeks ago. The Governor has other work and commitments to take care of at that time. She looks forward to visiting her friends in California soon.

All event requests must be confirmed with Meghan Stapleton of SarahPAC. Additionally, all invitations bearing the Governor’s name must be approved by her attorney before proceeding.

Thank you.
Meghan Stapleton

Guess who the replacement is? Palin’s very own amanuensis: John Zeigler

Carrie Prejean Wants to Sue Everybody, Because This is America, Gosh Darn It!

nr_rejean.gifNational Review cover girl Carrie Prejean–she appears on the front in a beauty shot from the Miss USA Pageant with an accompanying mash note article by her BFF/mentor Maggie Gallagher–is suing officials associated with the Miss California organization, though not Donald Trump to heads up the parent organization Miss Universe, according to Perez Hilton who got his hands on the docs.

The suit which has yet to be filed in Superior Court of the State of California, the County of Los Angeles, Central Division claims

slander, libel, public disclosure of private facts, religious discrimination, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

Perez synopsized the lawsuit, saying that:

Carrie is alleging a "conspiracy" against her by Moakler and Lewis and that their "wrongful conduct" against her "constituted a breach of duty"…that Shanna and Keith lied to the media when they called her "unreliable" and claimed that she failed to attend many public appearances, as she was required to per her role as Miss California. Prejean claims that Moakler and Lewis set out to lie about her and defame her publicly, with the intention of causing her to lose her crown. Carrie says that she has suffered "lost earnings" as a result of all this…

Lost earnings?! Would she have a book deal, a new best friend like Maggie Gallagher, and be on the cover of the National Review, and be invited to speak at the Values Voter Summit if she hadn’t had this little scandal?  

The suit further goes on to claim that as a result of Moakler and Lewis’ actions, Prejean has suffered anxiety, depression, loss of sleep and stress and that Moakler and Lewis conspired with Perez to attack her because of her religious beliefs.

Oh and she’s annoyed that Miss California pageant revealed they paid for her new boobs. So she’s suing about that too.

UPDATE: Carrie told Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush that the unsigned, unfiled suit was "precaution" in preparation for her book. Ah yes, her meaty memoir about giving the word of God to porn stars and strippers and then how that big meanie Perez Hilton made her choose, as her bosom pal Maggie Gallagher pens in purple prose

between the tiara and the truth

Here’s what she told Access Hollywood:

No, I mean, hopefully this will all just get taken care of. There’s definitely some things that are false that they’ve said about me and I think definitely the book will — it’s sort of like therapy for me. It’s a way for me to just get out the truth, really… I mean they did slander me, they defamed me.They made me look like I don’t show up to work, like I don’t do my job and that’s not true, Billy. I mean they haven’t proven one appearance that I missed and no one’s challenged them. Not one media outlet has challenged them and said, ‘Prove to me. What appearances has she missed?’”

Ahnuld Over-Shares with Greta, Wants to Pair with Her, Though He’s Perfect for Palin!

Ooooh, Greta van Susteren really cut to the chase, using her sharp interviewing skills honed on Bristol Palin to make Arnuld Schwarzenegger tell us about his great big knife and let us know that California has an

outdated tax system that relies on 1 percent of the rich people paying 50 percent of the taxes.

That doesn’t make sense.  Only 1% of the rich people are supporting that much of economy? Gosh! the other 99% of "the rich people" need to help out their brethen of the Benjamin so  that all " the rich people" bear an equal amount of the 50% of the taxes.

Under Greta’s tender questioning, Ahnuld revealed  way too much about about his big knife and the political man-crush he has on Newt Gingrich (!?):

Well, you know, we have had great, great leaders in the past, from Lincoln to Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan, and so on. But I tell you, the guy that is today very innovative is Newt Gingrich. You know, he maybe is not kind of the most attractive guy for, you know, running for office or something like that because we always look for the young new guy on the block, and so on. But he is the one with the most substance and he always has terrific ideas on how to make government run more efficiently, how to get in there and root out the fraud and abuse and the waste in government.

Since Ahnuld can’t run for president, he has some other plans that sound suspiciously like another brunette governor/media star. He and Sarah Plain should really hook up. In like a business sense:

And to get there — it doesn’t matter what it takes to get there. I will do anything and everything to get there because it’s all about — it’s all about the hard work and — and — and the struggle. That’s how you accomplish things. There’s no easy way out. It’s just — there just isn’t. And every job comes with those kind of sides, and this job has the side that, you know, you get attacked by the media. You get attacked by protesters. You get attacked by the opposition and all of those things.

But in the end, the joy comes when you can move the state forward, reform the systems that have been broken and hand over the state as a better state to the next governor. That’s where the real joy comes in…

Well, I will continue public service. I will continue, you know, doing things that will help the environment and help the state and the country in one way or the other. And you know, then the rest, I really haven’t focused on what I’m going to do next because if I do a good job with what I’m doing now, there will be all kinds of opportunities available. I mean, the amount of offers that I’ve been getting, from doing more movies to getting involved in business — businesses or writing books, and so on.

So there’s just so many different — or running foundations and getting involved in international things that have to do with the environmental issues, and so on. So there will be many, many things — kind of challenges available. So I’m looking forward to that, but I’m not thinking about it because there’s so much work that still needs to be done here in the state.

 Then he propositions Greta:

 VAN SUSTEREN: Well, I hope you’re not thinking about TV news, talk shows  because we don’t want you out (INAUDIBLE)

SCHWARZENEGGER: Only if we partner.

VAN SUSTEREN: If we partner? We co-host!



SCHWARZENEGGER: That’s what I’m saying. There you have it.

VAN SUSTEREN: I’m game for that!

SCHWARZENEGGER: Now you’re talking.

VAN SUSTEREN: I’m game for that.

Shatner: The Only Man Who Can Make Palin Make Sense

Wherein the master,
Shatner, explicates
the poetry of Palin
by simply reading aloud
her tiny delicate starlit tweets
sayings of the now tarnished starlet
it was her party, she can cry if she wants to
Shatner will translate

One More Reason Why We Need Health Care Reform

edithspeed.thumbnail.jpgIn 2003 right before her wedding to one of Los Angeles’ up and coming chefs, my friend Edith Speed was diagnosed with intraductal and infiltrating duct carcinoma, a type of breast cancer. Within weeks she had a lumpectomy, and then, even before she could adjust

[t]he bills began to arrive, from 10 different entities, my surgeon, her assistant (whom I’d never even met, and who I learned was not a preferred provider for my health plan), the anesthesiologist, the hospital, radiology, the lab, you name it, they’re billing me. I learned more than I ever wanted to know about the adversarial relationship between hospitals and the insurance company, I learned that there are many necessary procedures that the insurance company won’t pay for, leaving the patient holding the bag after the fact, I learned that my deductible which on paper is $2,500.00 per year, is actually a $5,000.00 per year maximum out of pocket expense. My 2 hour procedure cost $35,000.00.

I was glad I had kept my insurance, which I’d had for over 10 years. I’d never had occasion to use it and had been thinking it was a huge waste of money, only a month before, I’d considered dropping it.

Edith put one of the two cars up for sale, cashed in the U.S. Treasury bonds left to her by her aunt, and began to dip into the savings account she’d started towards a down payment on a home with her beloved.

Then on November 19, 2003, a breast MRI caught a some suspicious looking areas in Edith’s left breast and one just beneath the surface of her right nipple.

We decided the radical bilateral mastectomy would be the best plan to avoid future recurrence…I’ve prided myself on having a sparkling credit rating, on being a responsible person who pays her own way in the world. The tests I needed added more to my already daunting pile of debt, and now I would be adding to that another surgery. As a self employed individual, I pay my own health insurance premiums 100%, I have no paid sick leave or even vacation days. I felt as though I were running trying to catch up to where I’d left off in May, and falling farther and further behind…

Then my insurance company sent me a letter to say not only would my premiums go up each month, but my maximum out of pocket deductible would be going from $5,000.00 to $7,500.00 in 2004. I felt my dreams of ever owning a home were gone, and I felt paralyzed by the fear of bankruptcy, and the confrontation with my own mortality. 

Edith, a stunning tattooed brunette entrepreneur, rallied her friends, including the Go-Go’s Jane Weidlin and became the first benefciary of a benefit called Bowling for Boobies which helped offset the costs not covered by insurance. In 2005 and each year since,  Bowling for Boobies staged a fundraiser for women in a similar situation. Out of that came the Busted Foundation ("You get the bump, you get the bills, you’re busted" is their sassy slogan) and more Bowling for Boobies annual events in other states.

I saw Edith on Mother’s Day this year when my best friend and I went to the restaurant where husband was executive chef. Edith knew we were coming and showed up to be the always perfect hostess, glorious in a vintage black cocktail dress. I hadn’t seen her in a few years, though I had donated to B4B and stayed caught up with her via the internet.

She told us her  cancer was back, but she was going to do the herbal program that had worked before to shrink her last tumor before it was removed and then have surgery, which would involve a whole new double mastectomy and more reconstructive surgery. And lots more expenses.

On June 5th I unexpectedly and happily ran into Edith at a rally to protest Gov Schwarzenegger’s cuts to HIV/AIDS funding. We chatted about an upcoming party I was having which she planned to attend, her herbal program and how much she missed steak, desserts and wine–but it was "only for three months." She was warm, witty and charming, the essence of Edith.

In late April 2009, before she went in for the needle biopsy that would tell her the cancer had returned, Edith had written about her earlier experiences in the financial wilderness:

I have a great deal of fear and shame around not being able to pay my own way in the world. I’ve always had immense pride about my credit rating, always paid bills as soon as they landed in my mailbox. I never wanted to depend on anyone else to help me make ends meet, more the opposite, I was proud to be able to give a hand up to someone else who might need it.

 Of all the things I had to confront in facing my cancer (my mortality, the disfiguring surgery) the hardest by far was facing the fact that I would have to reach out for help financially. I had to admit to myself and then to the world that I was not capable of taking care of my own medical responsibilities. This is still very challenging for me to admit, it has taken me about an hour, four espressos, and a couple of procrastination breaks to write this down…

Until the medical bills were more than I could pay with what my husband and I had in our checking accounts, more than what we had left over after household bills, until we had to look at each other and decide to use our savings, until even that was not enough. I hadn’t thought death would be an easier choice until I saw how incredibly quickly all of our money was spent. Death looked like a real option when I had to pay for groceries on a credit card because there was no money left in our checking account. I felt like a burden on my husband and friends and I felt ashamed and like I was somehow not good enough because I didn’t have the money to pay for my medical treatment. I felt like I was foolish for choosing medical care beyond my means, as if truly excellent care is a privilege that I did not deserve.

Six years later, I am glad to have made the choices in care that I did, happy to be well and so immeasurably grateful to have had the support network that I do. Still, six years later, my husband and I have not recovered from the financial hit. Our savings remains depleted and I have come to terms with the fact that we may never own a house.

Time has passed, my life has gone on and while I am happier than ever, a dark cloud looms in the distance of my consciousness. 

On June 7th that dark cloud became overwhelming and Edith killed herself. 

Harvey Milk, Billie Jean King, Desmond Tutu, Other “Agents of Change” to Receive Presidential Medal of Freedom

180px-presmedalfreedom.thumbnail.jpgThe Victory Fund just announced that

President Barack Obama plans to award America’s highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, to Harvey Milk, one of the country’s first openly gay elected officials…American tennis great Billy Jean King, who is openly lesbian, and Sen. Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts, who has championed LGBT equality throughout his political career, also will receive the Presidential Medal of Honor at the August 12 ceremony.  

The White House released a statement:

This year’s awardees were chosen for their work as agents of change.  Among their many accomplishments in fields ranging from sports and art to science and medicine to politics and public policy, these men and women have changed the world for the better.  They have blazed trails and broken down barriers.  They have discovered new theories, launched new initiatives, and opened minds to new possibilities.

 President Obama said in the statement:

These outstanding men and women represent an incredible diversity of backgrounds.  Their tremendous accomplishments span fields from science to sports, from fine arts to foreign affairs.  Yet they share one overarching trait: Each has been an agent of change.  Each saw an imperfect world and set about improving it, often overcoming great obstacles along the way.   

Their relentless devotion to breaking down barriers and lifting up their fellow citizens sets a standard to which we all should strive.  It is my great honor to award them the Medal of Freedom.

 Among the thirteen other recipients are Bishop Desmond Tutu; Ireland’s first female president and former United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson; Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor; Professor Stephen Hawkin; Rev. Joseph Lowerey; and the late representative Jack Kemp; actor and activist Sidney Poitier; and actress Chita Rivera.

The recipients all share a commitment to bettering the human condition, and include: Dr. Janet Davison Rowley, an American human geneticist and the first scientist to identify a chromosomal translocation as the cause of leukemia and other cancers; Dr. Muhammad Yunus, a global leader in anti-poverty efforts who pioneered the use of “micro-loans” to provide credit to poor individuals without collateral; Nancy Goodman Brinker,  founder of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the world’s leading breast cancer grass roots organization; Dr. Pedro Jose Greer, founder of Camillus Health Concern, which provides medical care to over 10,000 homeless patients a year in Miami; and Dr. Joseph Medicine Crow, the last living Plains Indian war chief,  author of seminal works in Native American history and culture, and WW2 veteran who also stole fifty Nazi SS horses from a German camp as part of the four tasks required to become a “war chief.”

Limbaugh’s Syndicators Turn Up Their Noses at Sarah Palin

alaska-gov-sarah-palin.thumbnail.jpgClear Channel, the folks who paid Rush Limbaugh $400 million, then

took an ax to its payroll — again — and hacked hundreds of radio pros out the door. Program directors, morning show hosts, production pros, news anchors — all of them tossed over the side. A "bloodbath," one newspaper called it. (In Albany, New York, the entire on-air staff at a Clear Channel music station was sacked; same with a radio outpost in Exeter, New Hampshire)

has declined to hire Palin even as a fill in, according Broadcasting & Cable’s Paige Albiniak who writes:

My own sources say much what they said when asked about a TV show for Palin: Don’t think so. While you might assume Palin would be a better fit for conservative radio than the less partisan world of syndicated broadcast TV, my sources say the country’s biggest radio conglomerate, Clear Channel, has already passed on her.

The main objection to Palin as radio talk-show host is that she would have to hold forth for three hours a day. While some of her recent remarks may indicate a talent for improvisation, anyone who’s listened to Rush Limbaugh or Thom Hartmann or Don Imus or Howard Stern or even Ryan Seacrest knows it’s the rare personality who can blab extemporaneously for 15 hours a week.

There’s always podcasts…and not hiring Palin could save radio!

Late Night: Birth Cert-O-Mania!

The matter of Barack Obama’s place of birth has been settled in a measure which passed honoring Hawaii’s 50 years of statehood.  Granted Well, okay it was settled long before yesterday, but wow, there are some nuts out there. 

And just for the heck of it, let’s not forget the excitement over who was really Trigg’s mom…

Lou Dobbs Unclear on the Concept–In So Many Ways

Lou Dobbs just referred to Rachel Maddow as

Teabagging queen

Lou, jokes only work if they make sense. This doesn’t.

Remember how upset Fox News got when they learned what teabagging meant? So like, aren’t conservatives supposed to be all "better" than liburals and not sink to the same puerile, frat house humor?

Guess Lou missed that memo.  And geeze, is it only me, or is he cracking up or what?

[h/t Media Matters]

Joe the Plumber, Frustrated By GOP, Goes to Tea Parties

Joe the Plumber admits he doesn’t have time to lay pipe any more because he’s busy attending tea parties. And he urges fellow Americans to take charge of the political process:

Our ancestors picked up guns and knives for their freedom. All I’m asking people to do is pick up a book, get involved or start asking questions.

And here’s a question he’s asked himself:

Does the Republican Party represent anything I stand for right now? Absolutely not. Right now the Republican Party doesn’t even know what it stands for.

Is Joe pushing for a third party? And how is supporting himself if he’s not working? Something stinks. And it’ll take more than Aspray to make it go away. Gosh,  if Joe had become a spokesperson for Dr Bottoms, I’d respect him a lot more.

 [h/t Gawker]

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