Hugh Jackman on Coming Out and Same Sex Marriage

Hugh Jackman and Nate Berkus were guests on Oprah today and the subject of marriage equality came up. Jenny McCarthy said she didn’t know Nate was gay when she met him the night before (um, does she live under a rock, he’s been out since he’s been in the public eye!)

The singing, dancing, very sexy Jackman said he’d come out if he was gay, because denying it implies shame. And he brought up past laws which forbade couples to marry because of religion and race. Then His Hugeness asked the big question:

Why don’t we talk about love?

And then Oprah had a video interview with two awesome chicks in Iowa who were about to get married.

All in all a great bit, though I wish they’d managed to slip in that over 1,000 federal rights are denied to same-sex couples who legally marry in Massachusets, Iowa, Vermont, Connecticut.

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