Join Us! Today Is Blogging for LGBT Families Day

Blogging for LGBT Families DayPlease join the yearly festivities by posting in support of LGBT families! Submit the link at Mombian and I'll add it to the master list for all to see.

I know many of you often post about LGBT families–today is simply a day of celebration where we can reach out beyond our usual circles to share stories and insights. If you don't usually post about family matters, give it a try. Bloggers both LGBT and not are welcome.

The Family Equality Council has also donated one free registration for Family Week in P'town, and author Sarah Brannen has donated a signed copy of her wonderful children's book, Uncle Bobby's Wedding. I'll be doing drawings to give away those items. (See Mombian for details.)

Looking forward to reading your posts!


Her Good Doctor

Today a good man, a good doctor was murdered by a rightwing fanatic, a—yes—domestic terrorist.

Dr. George Tiller was beloved by his community, his patients, because he was far more than the shallow stereotype label, "abortion doctor," we’ve come to expect from the cynical politicians who trade in emotional manipulation and the shallow stenographers of the media who let the Rethug blast faxes dictate their reporting.

We’ve seen the tradmedia fall in line this past week as they let Rush and Newt dictate their news coverage on Sonia Sotomayor.

Will we see the same distortion and half-truths about Dr. Tiller in the news coverage this week?

Perhaps the breathless coiffed anchorbots and their producers and corporate owners should take a look at another big story this week, the GM bankruptcy, and realize that business as usual is the road to business-end.

It’d be nice to hear the full story reported on Dr. Tiller and his cold-blooded killer and those who incite such acts. Instead of the verbal wrestling that is some phony "fair and balanced."

Maybe a class action lawsuit against the inciters would get their attention. It worked for the Southern Poverty Law Center against Tom Metzger. Maybe it’s time to hit (more…)

Nevada Passes Domestic Partnership Law

Nevada Legislature Rebukes Gibbons Veto – Domestic Partnership a Reality in Nevada!!!!!

From Your Gay

Assembly follows Senate in Reversing Governor's Veto of SB 283

By: Sam Olson
May 31, 2009

In an 11th hour, 28-14 vote, the Nevada Assembly reversed Jim Gibbons gubernatorial veto of SB 283, Nevada's Domestic Partnership Bill. This follows a 14-7 Senate vote last night that similarly sought to overturn the Governor's veto.

The move of the Legislature comes after a heavily attended rally at UNR on Tuesday, where citizens gathered to voice disapproval not only of the California Supreme Court's upholding of Proposition 8, but Governor Gibbons veto of SB 283.

Contrary to public belief, 283 is not a 'gay marriage' bill, but opens up an alternative to marriage for any two single adults not related by blood, conveying in one registration many of the rights contractually granted at great cost. SB 283 has been a point of contention throughout the legislative session, pitting Republicans and Democrats against each other, and against member of their own parties.


LATE NIGHT: Boxer’s GOP Opponent Running Against… Scary Pelosi

Chuck Devore, for whom California Senator Barbara Boxer must thank her lucky stars every single day, has a new ad that uses an out-of-context quote from US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that makes it seem that the Wymyn’s Ecology Collective will soon monitor every carbon-emitting male American citizen. Ordering subservient men around from the Speaker’s Office, suggesting that Barbara Boxer’s office is "gonna want to talk to this guy" — ooh, scary powerful lady-part humans are after your pickup truck!

Is Tucker Carlson crossing his  legs?

Amazingly, Rush Limbaugh describes how to organize the inventory (my bold, no link — are you kidding?):

Fine, Madam Speaker, you go first. Let’s inventory every aspect of your life, Nancy, all of it. How many times do you flush a day? How much do you eat? What do you eat? How many prescription drugs do you take? How many houses do you have? What’s your electric bill?

The projection astounds.

Missing from Chuck Devore’s ad, of course, is that Nancy Pelosi was speaking in China to Chinese students — and that her "inventory" suggestion isn’t about government intervention. It is about personal responsibility. But what’s the tie-in to Barbara Boxer? Does Chuck Devore plan to run against Barbara Boxer by talking about Nancy Pelosi?

Is his campaign centered on the message "Have you ever seen them together in the same room? Huh? Have you?"

Oh, and scary bossy lady overseers coming for your pickup truck.

TV to Internet – Transition Time?

I’m not the first to ruminate on the parallels between Kennedy + television, and Obama + internet. But what are the implications for the media?

I was thinking about all the recent commentary about the death of print journalism, but the ascendance of TV news didn’t actually spell the death of print back in the 60’s. Why not? The TV technology was pretty ubiquitous. However, I think the lack of immediacy of TV for most events limited its utility – news was already reducing to sound bites on TV. (Most events – things like the Kennedy assassination, which I remember, was covered in real time. But the most immersive coverage didn’t come until later, and news was mostly allocated to limited time slots.)

On the other hand, the internet can supply the rough equivalents of both print and TV – and radio. Can the internet kill TV news? Certainly the reaction of cable news to bloggers suggests they feel threatened. The immediacy of the internet rivals cable TV, but the former is also amenable to long form journalism. Anyway, I remain impressed by how the Obama administration is using the new medium, and will be interested in seeing the evolution.

(OT – the (more…)

Eduardo Galeano: Stories of Almost Everyone

Why are so many people so scared? Maybe it’s because of our rulers’ enormous "fear machine."  So says Eduardo Galeano, in this rare and charming interview. But there is reason for optimism. Find out just why, back in April Venezuela’s president Hugo Chavez gave Barack Obama a copy of Galeano’s book,  Open Veins of Latin America. Eduardo Galeano is the author most recently of Mirrors: Stories of Almost Everyone, published by Nation Books.  His poignant, poetic stories — several of which he reads aloud here — reveal history while inspiring more.

Obama Announces Socialism!

No, not really. Rather, the Obama Administration held a background briefing to explain what will happen as GM enters bankruptcy tomorrow, a big part of which was designed to calm worries that by owning a huge chunk of GM, we will become a socialist country.

The briefing reviewed the terms of the agreement. And, perhaps most interestingly, they announced "principles of government investment"–rules the government will follow when it takes a significant stake in a company. They did note they’d use it with companies in which they already have huge stakes (AIG). But I got the feeling they thought they might be using these principles in the future. So maybe we really will start nationalizing some companies.

The principles of government investment were basically:

  • Install the right kind of management
  • End the need for government support as quickly as possible
  • Protect taxpayer investment
  • Do not interfere with day-to-day operations
  • No government employees will serve on the board
  • Only participate on core board issues, such as selection of board members, major events, and transactions

It’s a bunch of pablum designed to calm the fears of those worried about socialism, but it doesn’t really add up to protecting the interests of Americans. For example, when asked whether the government would limit executive compensation, they said only that the company had to comply with all laws (they mentioned the Dodd amendment specifically), and otherwise, that the compensation committee would decide executive compensation.

And when asked whether the government would prevent GM from importing cars from China, they said that GM had made a commitment in its renegotiated labor contract for production in North America (note: North America includes Mexico, of course). The press release says, 

The new GM will also pursue a commitment to build a new small car in an idled UAW factory, which when in place will increase the share of U.S. production for U.S. sale from its current level of about 66% to over 70%.

Committing one factory to a new small car (which may be the Spark they talked about importing from China) does not rule out also producing them somewhere else–like Mexico.

So the takeaway, I think, is that as of tomorrow we will, indeed, own a big chunk of GM (incidentally, Canada will get a 12% stake). But the only way we’ll get to really influence the policy at GM will be to infiltrate the GM board with socialists.

Socialism, the American way.