Buzzfree Prom Pulls Homophobic Ad


Buzzfree Prom, a non-profit organization promoted by mall-shop Claire’s and conceived¬† Dallas-based cause marketer Liza Orchard, has pulled the above ad from their wesbite and marketing materials, thanks to calls to action and awareness raised by bloggers.

As I wrote in my earlier post, I called the creator of Buzzfree Prom, Liza Orchard who runs her own cause-based marketing company. She assured me that half her friends were homosexual, and the poster wasn’t promoting homophobia, rather

The poster doesn’t foster a fear of being homosexual but a fear of going to jail.

Orchard added that if you are the weakest person in the cell

you will appear to be the queen in the group.

She does admit that queen is a term used in and outside the homosexual community for "feminine" homosexual men.¬† But again she stresses that it’s not a homophobic ad, and that some schools are ordering more because it’s the poster that strikes the strongest note with students. She adds:

If you find it homophobic, that’s your opinion.

It wasn’t just my opinion: Buzzfree Prom and Orchard Ideas, Liza’s Orchard’s company got calls and emails decrying the ad as insensitive, offensive and homophobic. Liza told me and others that her homosexual friends weren’t offended by the ad. Maybe it’s a Texas thing…

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