Ann Coulter Probed for Voter Fraud

180px-ann_coulter2.thumbnail.jpgAnn Coulter lives in New York where she owns an apartment but votes in Connecticut using her father’s address. And that’s illegal. So following a formal complaint filed by‘s Dan Borchers and a report in the NY Daily News, Connecticut’s Elections Enforcement Commission is probing the faux-comedienne/brassy blonde author.

Meanwhile, this is The. Best. Review. Ever. of Coulter’s book, written by 80-something year old Helen Philpot at Margaret and Helen:

Reading Ann Coulter’s book is like chewing aspirin without water.   I just finished another chapter and I am sitting here wondering if anyone has actually seen Ann using complex tools like a ball point pen or say… I don’t know… a toaster?…

According to Coulter, some Republicans are idiots because they write books calling other Republicans idiots.  Now Margaret, help me out here. Ann is calling some Republicans idiots for writing books where they say nasty things about other Republicans, but in this chapter alone Ann trashes about a dozen Republicans for doing this.  So doesn’t that make Ann an idiot a dozen times over?  I hope you can follow that because I read the whole chapter and I am still confused.

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