Little Ricky parrots Limbaugh — wants Obama to fail

Man-on-Dog has his marching orders from Rush, like a good little puppy. Think Progress interviewed the former senator from Pennsylvania.

   TP: What do you think about what Rush said about, I mean, do you hope, should we hope that President Obama fails?

   LEVIN: Yes.

   TP: Yes?

   SANTORUM: If…absolutely we hope that his policies fail.

Speaking of the leader of the GOP, Rush received a hero’s welcome at CPAC, received an award, and was — get this — compared to Ben Franklin.

After his speech, CPAC presented Rush with a “Defender of the Constitution” award, which included a document signed by Benjamin Franklin. The presenter then compared Rush to Franklin:
The king of England sat with his advisers, and they read the writings of Ben Franklin. They said, “The colonists will never be successful if they read what he writes.” Just as the king’s successor, who is in the White House, said the other day, that conservatives will never be successful if they listen to Rush Limbaugh. The only way we will be successful is if we listen to Rush Limbaugh!

The crowd again erupted into cheers.

Again, this is a party in complete disarray — the delusional folks at CPAC didn’t hear the booming message sent last Nov. 4.  Oh, btw, Faux News covered his speech live — there’s no doubt that he, not Michael Steele is seen as the leader of the party. (more…)

Late Late Nite FDL: A Ham In A Role

Warner Bros. Pictures Inc. and Merrie Melodies present A Ham In A Role, starring The Goofy Gophers.  This 1949 cartoon was directed by Robert McKimson.  Story by Sid Marcus.  Animation by Charles McKimson, Phil De Lara, J. C. Melendez, and Emery Hawkins.  Layouts by Cornett Wood.  Backgrounds by Richard H. Thomas.  Vocal characterizations by Mel Blanc and others.  Musical direction by Carl Stalling.

What’s on your mind tonight?

Pelosi's 'Right America Feeling Wronged' captures the McCain/Palin mobs

What a snapshot in time. Filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi (her last effort broadcast was the Ted Haggard doco), traveled around the country for HBO to speak to the conservative fringe in the run up to the 2008 election and thank Jeebus, “Right America Feeling Wronged” documents what we saw all election season long — the ignorant, deluded, racist, scared and — did I say ignorant — base of the Republican party.  The McCain/Palin mobs are captured in all their glory.

This clip is the best segment of the documentary — Pelosi goes up to a young man who has “socialism” spelled wrong on his t-shirt and asks him to define what it means. I can’t even begin to tell you how vapid, confused and sad his answer is. But before that, she speaks with people about how they get their news. It’s no surprise that they are all Faux News bots.

Also featured is a stop in Concord, NC to interview self-described rednecks where she asks them point blank if they are ready to vote for a black man. Let’s just say they had no shame confirming that we are not living in a post-racial society. These people are scary folks; and they live in my state. I wonder what they thought when NC went Blue? What must they think now that the GOP is led (in name anyway) by a black man?

Just remember this clip the next time some GOP talking head says their party doesn’t have a race problem. They can’t sweep these die hard social conservatives under the rug — they are speaking up and speaking out loud and proud. They don’t see anything wrong with an outright hostility toward a browning America. That’s the GOP in 2009.

And the beauty of the doc is that all Pelosi has to do is let the camera run and these people hang themselves. Now, with the election behind us, you really wonder what happened to these people she interviewed — the people who said the election of Barack Obama would result in the end of the world or would drive them to leave the country.

Oh, and it’s not in this clip, but Pelosi was at the McCain town hall where the lady with the crazy hair stood up to declare that she couldn’t trust Obama because “he’s an Arab.” Below is the clip most people saw. Pelosi actually captured it from a different angle so you could see the woman’s face.

At its core, Pelosi’s documentary illuminates just how troubled the Republican party is — Pelosi’s subjects are needed by the GOP, but they represent a voter base that rejects diversity, and is proud of its narrow worldview. The Republican party has to choose a new direction in order to recover, but it’s pretty clear that any changes will not be received well by these conservatives. As long as the social conservative wing of the party’s fear and ignorance is accommodated, the GOP is going nowhere fast. (more…)

BREAKING: CPAC Convention-Goers Smear Selves with Excrement, Garbage, Congratulate Selves on Smelling Like Roses

CPAC is over, and wow, did the inmates ever have a fine ol’ time flinging the poo. Coulter! Limbaugh! Shriek! Fart! Gibber! Screech! Jump back! Scratch yourself!

You can find all the video of the degenerate proceedings you could ever possibly wish for over here. You don’t have to watch all that much of it — a little bit of this shit goes a long way, believe me. But do sample something, just to be polite. Here, for instance, is Rush Limbaugh making fun of people he dislikes by doing an amusing "castrati" impression, wherein he adopts a "gay" voice and flounces about in an effeminate fashion. Delicious! (I shit you not, he really does this. Shoot me…)

What’s astonishing about this hackneyed crap is that nobody in the audience seems embarrassed by any of it, though by any rational standard, it’s very difficult to watch a minute of it without wanting to kill yourself. Here, look at this fanboy liveblogging from Erick Erickson, a founder of Red State and, it would appear, a prepubescent cretin: "Oh, and if God smiles on me today, I’ll get to meet Rush." Squeal!

I could I suppose go through the various speeches and expose the individual idiocies, but you know, who has the time? Let’s just focus instead on the clear fact that the Conservative Movement has decided its standard bearer ought to be a junkie sex tourist whose shtick heavily depends upon inane homophobia and childish "masculine" posturing. It’s not even worth being offended by this horseshit. Brand new, you’re retro, you know? Its a joke. And that’s why "conservatism" is a joke — "conservatives" keep serving up the punchlines. And nobody’s laughing. And it’s not working.

Let me show you in microcosm why "conservatism" is dead as a fucknail. Here is a snippet from the talk given by the very ridiculous Ann Coulter, whose act is tired, and hateful, and grotesque, and, most of all, over. I’ve taken it from Erickson’s sniveling liveblog. I submit that this is all you need to know about "conservatism" in its current incarnation. Coulter:

I’ve bee[n] watching the MSNBC coverage of CPAC. Is there any other network where you know every host was at the alternative prom?

Got that? All the hosts at MSNBC are fags! Or dykes! HAHAHAHAHA!

Look, this is a shot at Rachel Maddow, obviously, unless she means that Joe Scarborough is a lesbian, or something. It’s not subtle, but it is adolescent, absurd — and humiliating: for Coulter.

If we want to boil it down, let’s say The Left has Rachel Maddow. And let’s say The Right has Ann Coulter.

Game over, man, game over.

Seriously. GAME OVER.

Game. Over.

Palin Changes Line of Succession, Pal Now in Line for Lt. Governorship

sarah-palin-shipma_1209904c2.thumbnail.jpgCarrying on a long tradition of helping her friends, Alaska’s Frost Lady has changed the line of state succession, paving the way for her high schoolmate Corrections Commissioner Joe Schmidt to be lieutenant governor should the current lieutenant governor, Sean Parnell, be unable to serve.

Talis Colberg, who resigned earlier this month, held that position when he was attorney general. Under state law, the governor must appoint a back-up from her cabinet to step into the lieutenant governorship–and should Palin be unable to serve, running the state as governor. How sweet that Palin feels Schmidt is qualified–he’s spent 20 years running prisons, you betcha he can run a state!

In 2008 the Alaska Correctional Officers Association voted against Schmidt in a "no confidence" measure, but the ever-loyal Palin stood behind him and called him a reformer, dontcha know!

The line of succession is not 100% secure yet; the state legislature must okay Schmidt’s potential position.

What if the Wingnuts Threw a Fit, and Nobody Cared?


One of the most interesting things about the latest Daily Kos/Research 2000 poll is that Nancy Pelosi’s net favorability rating continues to rise. Despite being the target of right wing rage and held up as the poster girl for profligate spending, subject to Twitter attacks by GOP members of Congress and targeted by human bile machine Ann Coulter, her popularity hasn’t been affected at all. Quite the opposite.

In fact, despite everything that the teabaggers have throw at them, Democrats in Congress had a whopping 13 point rise in their favorability ratings this week and moved into positive territory (their favorables are now higher than their unfavorables, 46/45). Only two possibilities that I can see: Either nobody is listening to the GOP tantrum throwers, or they have become negative validator — i.e., they are so discredited that their disapproval now moves the needle in a positive direction.

Wingnut radio was shrieking when they thought the Democrats would strike at their power and reinstitute the Fairness Doctrine. I guess the good news for them is it’s not going to happen.

The bad news: nobody thought it was worth the effort.

Our Money Belongs to Them

"“You can’t massively overpay because the taxpayer will scream, but you can’t pay market price because that doesn’t give them enough tangible common equity,” Plath said. “The value of the equity is close to zero, but you can’t let it fall to zero because so much of it is owned by private money outside the U.S.”

Let’s see; stock price is $1.50 but the foreign money gets $3.25 a share. One might wonder why the stock price i even $1.50 when the equity (assets) of Citi is ‘close to zero’.

So the Obama Administration is providing foreign money protection based on U.S. taxpayer dollars.

Obviously , such is NOT "change we can believe in".

The al-Haramain Stall Timeline

With the news that Bush’s DOJ submitted "inaccurate" information to Judge Vaughn Walker, I wanted to look at the recent timeline on the al-Haramain suit to identify the ways Bush and Obama/Dead-Enders postponed alerting Walker to this fact up until the moment it became clear he would get to review the wiretap log from al-Haramain. I’m guessing Obama discovered at least several weeks ago (February 11?) that the information provided to Walker was "inaccurate" and much of the actions since have been an attempt to avoid having to admit to Walker that he had received "inaccurate" information. (Though Bush no doubt knew this fact–and was trying to hide it–much longer.)

January 5, 2009: Walker announces he’ll review the wiretap log to see if al-Haramain was wiretapped illegally. He sets the following deadlines:

  • January 19 (14 days): "defendants shall arrange for the court security officer/security specialist assigned to this case in the Litigation Security Section of the United States Department of Justice to make the Sealed Document available for the court’s in camera review. If the Sealed Document has been included in any previous classified filing in this matter, defendants shall so indicate in a letter to the court."
  • February 13: Clearance for al-Haramain’s lawyers.
  • February 19 (45 days):"Defendants shall review the Sealed Document and their classified submissions to date in this litigation and determine whether the Sealed Document and/or any of defendants’ classified submissions may be declassified, take all necessary steps to declassify those that they have determined may be declassified and, no later than forty-five (45) days from the date of this order, serve and file a report of the outcome of that review."

January 9, 2009: al-Haramain’s attorney, Jon Eisenberg emails DOJ’s lead attorney, Anthony Coppolino, to confer on joint statement on how to proceed with case.

January 12, 2009:  Coppolino asks Eisenberg for a proposal.

January 13, 2009: Eisenberg emails Coppolino a plan.

January 15, 2009: Coppolino emails he hopes to respond the following day, first raises possibility of separate statements. 

January 16, 2009, 8:21 PM: Bush appeals Walker’s January 5 order.

January 17, 2009: Eisenberg leaves email and voicemail about appeal. 

January 19, 2009, 10:56 PM: DOJ files for a stay. 

In separate filing, Bush DOJ tells Walker he already has the Sealed Document.

The Sealed Document at issue in this case has been lodged previously in this action with the appropriate court security officers.

January 20, 2009: Obama inaugurated President.

February 2, 2009: Eric Holder confirmed as Attorney General; as of this moment, he had not been read into the illegal wiretap program.

February 11, 2009: DOJ argues its case for a stay, and requests an interim stay before al-Haramain’s lawyers get their clearance and the government submits its classification review.

The Government also requests that at least an interim stay be entered by February 13, 2009—the date after which further proceedings may commence under the January 5 Order.