O-Spam-A Musubi

spam_musubi.thumbnail.jpgThose rumors of President-Obama being a Muslim have been laid to rest by his very visible consumption of a porky pan-Asian fusion delicacy–well that’s what fancy food folks will be calling Spam musubi now that Obama noshed on one while playing golf yesterday, making the Hawaiian snack chic. Expect them at Inauguration parties.

Spam musubi is easy to make: Basically Spam on sushi rice, wrapped in nori. The pig bit can be fried, microwaved or grilled, with or without a marinade. A few brave souls serve the Spam straight from the can–after all is cooked.

Some people use a Spam musubi maker, a plastic box that you line with a sheet of nori before the rice and Spam get layered in. It makes for a prettier product. Other Spam musubi just has a nori ribbon around the mid section for a more rustic look.

If you want to get really multi-cultural, you could add garnishes of jalapeno pepper or a dab of jalapeno jelly, kalamata or green olive tapenade, a sliver of truffle, some fleur de sel or preserved lemon..seriously, Spam musubi will become the gastro-pub/tapas of 2009.

At least it wont give you mercury poisoning. Jeremy Piven, are you listening?

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